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Epona - Discover Your Inner Goddess illustration by Tina Wilson

Did you know that you had a goddess within you, perhaps more than one, I didn’t? Not until I attended a fashion and lifestyle seminar given by Trend Union and the ingenious soul that is Li Edelkoort. She spoke of Goddesses; a curated list of powerful and uncompromising women. She spoke of their origins, character, attributes, and their faults. It was inspired, engaging, beautiful, and informative and it gave me the subject of this blog, so I take absolutely no credit for assembling the list of these miraculous creatures, that goes to Li.

After hearing her speak of Nike, Artemis, Persephone, Oshun and others, I tried to imagine what they would wear, beneath or instead of their traditional tunics, armor and pleated column dresses while they waged love and war.

The descriptions of each goddess and the imagery was masterful, I will try to create that here with illustrations and align them with the modern intimates of today, though I will surely fall short. There were 17 in all, I have chosen 7, perhaps we will do a part ll at a later date. Some will be familiar, others quite unknown, but all fascinating, and all are inside of us.

Goddess Athena illustration by Tina Wilson wearing Else lingerieAthena, the very definition of a warrior is adorned with Else’s cropped cami and brief; her stretch lace “armor”, the perfect base for the layers of metal, tunic and cloak to follow.

Epona drawing by Tina Wilson wearing Ludique and JuJu KnowsEpona just might be the coolest Goddess, she loves her horses and donkeys so much, she accessorizes herself like them. Her hedonistic nature shines in Ludique’s leather harness and belts. Beneath the tunic she wears JuJuKnows’ fringed thong and strappy bra.

Artemis wears Only Hearts’ velvet tunicArtemis wears Only Hearts’ velvet tunic, the perfect sheath to wear while hunting and gathering, high slits for her long legs, the canvas for lace up sandals that never end.

Illustration by Tina Wilson of Goddess Adoma wearing Lonely braAdoma is so exquisite in her brightly colored dress, a minimal layer of intimates is all that is needed; she wears Lonely’s bra and panty adorned with a hint of gold.

Eirene wears a white robe by Layneau by Tina Wilson, IllustratorEirene wears a white robe by Layneau, a splendid entrance maker for the consummate negotiator of peace and love, her skills are needed now more than ever.Flora, the twin of Fauna wears Rya’s georgette floral printed wrapFlora, the twin of Fauna wears Rya’s georgette floral printed wrap with laser cut 3-D petals. She is pure grace in the garden that is earth.

Mother Earth needs no introduction; we know her well. I chose Lonely’s yellow bra-let and brief to emphasize the sun and the warmth we can no longer ignore, she is about to give birth to the hope that we don’t.

As you sift through these images, try to imagine yourself in their “sandals”, taking on the world, nurturing, making love not war, protecting, and creating. The “future IS female”, and so is the past. Our most recent elections this November are a testament to that, the battle is never ending.
*Thanks to Li Edelkoort and Trend Union for the inspiration and the words, some of which I used to describe these goddesses. In her text Li gives credit to the book “Goddesses in Everywoman” by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD.

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    Amazing article, and inspiring illustration. Looking forward to more.

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