Elevated Plus Size Basics by Sculptresse


Sculptress Plus size bras on Lingerie Briefs

I didn’t really appreciate basic bras when I was younger, mostly because I lived in colder climates where your clothing hid your lingerie choices. Now that I live in New Orleans, I’ve quickly learned to appreciate the flexibility that a great basic bra provides. Weather here can vary wildly in the winter, from the 81 degree day we had last week to the 45 degree days we’ve been experiencing this week. When you’re dressing in layers and dealing with warm winter temperatures, basic bras give you the freedom to not have to think about what lingerie you’re going to wear.

As we all know, not all basic bras are built alike. I had the pleasure of trying out several of Sculptresse’s basic line over the past several months, which gave me a greater appreciation for how much attention and care have gone into their designs and creation. When we talk about basic bras, we often focus on lift and shape exclusively. To me, a truly great basic should do more than just lift and shape: it should prioritize comfort at all levels.

Sculptress Plus size bras on Lingerie Briefs

I got to try the Sasha, Candi and the Roxie sets and was glad in the end, because they are all extremely different in terms of fit and feel. The Candi bra is a full cup basic with a subtle polka dot print that feels extremely structured once you get it on, while the Roxie bra is a lace plunge that gives great lift and shape. The Sasha was my favorite, purely for it’s butter soft fabric and easy plunge cut. I’ve been living in it ever since I got it. I struggle with bra fabrics occasionally due to having sensitive skin and the Sasha feels great on.

Sculptress Plus size bras on Lingerie Briefs

What each bra had in common was a real focus on how plus-size bodies really work. There were no elements that dug in when wrapped around more dramatic curves and straps and wires were padded to create a more comfortable level of pressure. Even the plunge bras provided more support for softer tissue, which means that they work well under pretty much any outfit.

Sculptress Plus size bras on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve reached for these bras on a weekly basis since I got them, in many cases choosing them over other basic bras that I’ve relied on for years. The expertise of the Sculptresse team shows in each bra, making this a collection that stands out in all the right ways.

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