BEAUTIFUL BODIES ~ Salon de la Lingerie 2018


The queen of the bodysuit back in 92’ B.S. (before Spanx) was Donna Karan.  Oh how I wish she was around to shake things up now like she did then.  I had the great fortune to work on DK Intimates bodysuits and shapewear, to see her squeeze into them, to watch her drape them on the models, and to debate with her the merits of crotch snaps vs. no snaps for bathroom ease (a battle I lost btw).

It was a special time, when a few key brands were giving birth to the foundations of the bodysuit we know today. And while Donna’s influence still lingers, there are some noteworthy brands shaking things up and moving the bodysuit forward.

Salon de la Lingerie took place this past January in Paris at Porte de Versailles, and I was there.

In between buttery, wine soaked, sole and pate’ meals at trendy La Coupole and a few new favorites, I stayed dry from the daily downpours and saw some lovely lingerie. It was especially gratifying to visit certain booths and have them roll out the red carpet for us, to show us these beauties and let us ooohhh and ahhhh over them while drinking champagne.  One event was the Lise Charmel fashion show.  The models strutted the bodysuit at its best, under sheer lace skirts, under leg baring silk crepe columns and by themselves. It was one of my favorites moments of the trip.

The Bodysuit from Lise Charmel illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Midway into the three day show I was treated to a presentation from Lejaby.  It was difficult to decide what to focus on, the line was exquisite.  I decided on a bodysuit that dreams are made of, the lace used was the perfect combination of geo and floral, a personal favorite when it comes to lace patterns.  I never like laces that are too prissy, I like a lace to have a bit of an “edge”. Lejaby also had some of the prettiest bras and bralets I’d seen, stay tuned in the coming month for my take on those!

The Bodysuit from Lejaby illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Within the main venue there was an exhibit, called “EXPOSED”.  We were treated to this space within a space where newer brands were featured together.  One of the bodysuit brand standouts was Marika Vera.  They did great new things with mesh, velvet and microfiber.  I love when a brand takes traditional fabrics and makes them new again, breaking the rules. They had a “body” for every occasion, blurring the lines between, swim, RTW, and intimates. Check them out online, their tag line is “Take Back the Night” and I believe they will!

The Bodysuit from Marika Vera illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

A not so quite “new” comer in “EXPOSED” was Taryn Winters, who has garnered well-deserved attention in the past few years.  Her beautiful hand at embellishment and sparkle is distinguishing her from imitators.  Her pieces were delicate yet strong and commanded attention; no easy feat.

The Bodysuit from Taryn Winters illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Last but by no means least was KENTWOMAN, I adored their clean aesthetic, the silk with lycra seamed bralets, bodysuits and loungewear were clean yet detailed. It’s how I would dress if I had the body and the purse strings.  There is nothing better than washed, buttery silk charmeuse against the skin.

The Bodysuit from KentWoman illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

The bodysuit is coming on strong, it was in the air and expect more and more brands to dabble in them. I hope this makes you consider one the next time you are looking for a special piece of intimate apparel.  Next up…..the bralet, stay tuned and be well!

A special thanks to Andreas Heuttenhoelscher and Ellen Lewis.



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