Bra:30 The Bra Reliever, Sag Retriever… Cute & Comfy too!

Bra 30 Time to set them FREE

Set them free! It looks like a tank, holds like a bra and is made of soft cotton! Bra:30 is the Bra Reliever Sag Retriever, for every woman out there who hoists them up and straps them in all day long. YOU know that you are un-hooking that favorite Bra the minute you get home. Now you have an alternative that you can bop around in (no pun intended ). Bra:30 is The After Bra. So TIME to take it off and TIME to set them free! It’s Cotton, it’s Comfortable and it’s Cute. It can be worn by itself, layered or under all of your loose and loungy favorites. One of Oprah’s ‘Favorite things’!!

You will be Happier Un-Hooked.

Bra:30 comes in 3 lengths, Sporty, Hipster, Tummy Tucker. Sizes S-XXL

Bra:30 is a women-owned Company from Southern California and all products are made in the USA. They wear everything they make! Their other brands include: PJ Harlow, Urban Muu Muu, Rock Cotton & Jammy Beans.


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  1. I received 2 Bra:30 the after bra
    45167 07971
    45167 07976

    They do not fit and not at all what I expected.
    Please let me mail them back in perfect condition !

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