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Patrick Nagel Art featured on Lingerie Briefs

Patrick Nagel famously immortalized the 80’s woman as powerful and provocative in his paintings. He created works of unapologetic, fierce women through bold expressions, forward fashion (however little) and punches of neon. I love the way I see his vision translating to swimwear this season. Brazilian bikinis and shield shades are flooding the gram in bright colors and the energy is through the roof! Without a doubt, it’s going to be an exciting season for swimwear…

Kristina Eugenia modeling Body Glove Neon Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Kristina Eugenia modeling Body Glove Neon Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Summer 2018 has me feeling ultra-inspired to turn up the heat. The season’s futuristic yet old school, sporty, neon trend has me ready to hit the ground running and I love the way it’s translating to swimwear. I am wearing Body Glove’s throwback collection, the epitome of the late 80‘s fitness fad. I mean, how epic is the front zipper?

1985 French Elle and the 1988 Vogue USA magazines

Simple standout comfort in hot colors ruled  the fashion pages of 1985 French Elle and the 1988 Vogue USA magazines.

I love all retro regalia. It proves that everything old is new again. My generation is all about savoring history and flavoring it with a new twist.

Katrina Eugenia is a painter from New Jersey living and working in NYC. She is also a photographer and writer specializing in beauty and boudoir. She shoots and writes for luxury brands including Christine Lingerie and Joanna Vargas Skincare. You can learn more about the artist by visiting her website or listening to our interview with her on Audio Briefs


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  1. Tanya says:

    Its crazy how trends in the past always come back in fashion. I also read another interesting article on the history of inner wear and found the information very interesting.

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m interested in listening to the interview, but it’s not working. In fact, none of the interviews are playing for me. Would it be possible for someone to fix them?

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