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Eberjey Filippa bra and panty set with Giselle robe featured on Lingerie Briefs

I had an Eberjey post all set for today about the Filippa tuxedo bralet and panty and the Tuxedo robe. They are so quintessentially Eberjey. But then I discovered what I should have known; that they delivered in August. There went my editorial plan, especially because sales are so strong for these items.  There might be a possibility that stock is already low and I don’t like traveling in a retail wake. But, that’s what one gets with procrastination. I had to regroup at the 11th hour. We like to publish on time.

Stripes Study II 2012, Fujiflex mounted onto Diasec: Bivens Gallery (Dallas Texas)

So, I started perusing my gallery files for inspiration and came across this image by Fine Art photographer Parish Kohanim.  A member of the prestigious Canon School of Light since its inception, he is recognized worldwide for his striking use of color and light. I was mesmerized by this image because; I have this thing with stripes.

Eberjey Nautical stripes pj short set in Giftables on Lingerie Briefs

The discovery saved my Eberjey intention. I remembered that the nautical stripe collection, simple knitted pinstripe sleep pieces that move comfortably across the body. The viscose PJ short set, part of the brand’s highly successful Giftables program fits XS-L and is set to arrive soon. The correlation of this classic sleepwear shape with Parish’s artistic quest for “simple beauty” is the analogy I was seeking when I initially began to write. Finding this piece of Parish’s work at the Bivens Gallery collection (Dallas Texas) saved the day. I dodged a bullet this time, but learned a lesson. Don’t wait to the last minute.

“Time and Tide Wait for No Man” ~Geoffrey Chaucer


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