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Triumph Lingerie Modern Finesse on Lingerie BriefsLast weekend I attended my 50th High School Reunion. It was iffy there for a while; I really didn’t want to go. With the exception of one person in my class of 450, I hadn’t seen anyone since age 18. Not particularly sentimental, more of a here and now person, I really did not see the point of trying on old relationships for a new fit. But I acquiesced under some Facebook pressure and made a show of it. 180 people, a lot of nostalgic input, renovated perceptions and unexpected comfortable bonds prevailed. I am glad that I stayed open minded. The relationships, established at the onset of experience, remain part of our core intelligence even as life happens.

I did not wear a Triumph bra to the party but I definitely thought about the brand when I decided to write this blog. From the very onset of my lingerie career, every time I traveled abroad, Triumph was front and center at a plethora of retail venues. They were a credible part of my intimate apparel schooling. But when they began their foray into the US market 5 years ago, I had some doubts. The American lingerie consumer is a tough nut to crack, less focused on legacy and driven more by innovation. Triumph’s body of intimate accomplishments would not necessarily be an American enticement. But here is something of which I am now certain: once exposed to the 130 year tradition of excellence in engineering and fit, the expertise of design and construction for which this brand is renowned would be clear. Personally I tried one of their leading styles, the Amourette Charm underwire, incredibly supportive for a stretch lace bra in a G cup.

Triumph Amourette Charm on Lingerie Briefs

I am glad that I had an attitude shift and realized the viability of revisiting the Triumph heritage, but also took the time to learn about the brands current developments. A case in point; the Modern Finesse collection with styles fitting 32-42, B-F cups. The spacer t-shirt bra (featured at top) has already become a North American best seller. These pieces, embracing the newest foundation trends are designed with European flair meant to appeal to a contemporary woman. Now, I am very glad that I have had such a positive reunion with this iconic brand

“No Distance of Place or Lapse of Time can Lessen the Friendship of Those who are Thoroughly Persuaded of Each Other’s Worth” ~Robert Southey


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