The Nature of Lise Charmel


Following up on Tina’s recent blog on the infusion of animal prints into the fashion stratosphere, I was inspired to write today’s missive on Lise Charmel’s Coralle Fauve Collection. Whenever I embark on a Lise Charmel story, I am energized. This brand’s aesthetic is so in sync with my love for the artistry of lingerie that stories surface easily. This particular group was inspired by nature and the original world. It is wild and enchanting. I thought of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, the forest in which it is set and Puck’s quixotic theatrics that compel the tale. No, perhaps that thought is not really symbiotic. Then I sought favor in fine art. What about the Pre-Raphaelite John William Waterhouse, and his painting of Ariadne? There she sleeps surrounded by roses, two cheetahs (or are they leopards- it’s hard to tell) by her side.

Lise Charmel Coralle Fauve Collection as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Finally, I drifted back to the Bard and his juxtaposition of opposing causes for the sake of an exquisite romance: Juliet’s lament to Romeo: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” I settled on Romeo and Juliet because Lise Charmel’s Coralle Fauve collection is all about juxtaposition. First and foremost is the animal and floral pattern printed on tulle and silk that anchors the design. But it is the unique integration of an exclusive 6 color multithread embroidery and leavers lace that elevates the workmanship to a dramatic statement of beauty. Five Bra styles 32-44, A-F can interchange with Six separate panty shapes, XS-XXL. Lounge pieces are as worthy of interchange in a woman’s wardrobe as the intimates. Intricate construction details intercept with extraordinary workmanship to insure that the luxury signature of the famed Lise Charmel atelier is never compromised. The question is: do these pieces belong in a museum, on stage or on a woman?

“Look Deep Into Nature, and Then You Will Understand Everything Better” ~Albert Einstein


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