Elomi’s Morgan Bra ~ Two Sides of a Story


Elomi Morgan Midnight Garden bra and brief as seen on Lingerie Briefs

I was lucky enough to encounter two versions of the Elomi Morgan recently, which really gave me a whole new perspective on the depth of the Morgan line. The first was the continuity version in Toasted Almond, which I was fitted into at a local boutique when I went in asking for a new beige bra that was pretty rather than practical. The second was at home, when I was sent the latest fashion version in Midnight Garden to try on. Strangely, I’d gone from never having tried on a Morgan to getting extremely familiar with it in a week!

It’s notable that I truly believe that if you put the Midnight Garden version and the Toasted Almond version next to each other and asked an average lingerie consumer what they thought, they wouldn’t know they were the same bra. The fit and feel are classic Elomi, right down to the stretch lace layer at the top of the cup that helps it fit multiple sizes and breast types. However, when you compare the prints, it’s almost like you’re looking at totally different bras. The Midnight Garden print feels almost Gothic — it reminds me of half hidden mansions in my neighborhood on a dark and foggy morning.

Conversely, the Toasted Almond version is sweet and light. The lace lends the whole thing a candied feel and the extremely soft animal print gives it visual interest. When I tried it at the store I was worried it would feel like a lot of bra on, but it easily fit under my low cut white blouse that day. It’s the perfect basic bra for those that love pretty bras but need something practical.

Elomi Morgan bra in toasted almond on Lingerie Briefs

While I sense a basic Morgan may be in my future once warmer weather comes back, I’m going to spend the next few months channeling my inner Gothic heroine as I walk my dog through the Garden District in the Midnight Garden version.

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