b.wow’d Push Up Bra New in Crimson from b.tempt’d

b.wow'd by b.tempt'd Push Up Bra featured on Lingerie BriefsA hot little number on the outside calls for a hot little somethin’ on the inside – and that “something” should definitely have a plunging neckline, push-up power and (obviously) animal print lining.

b.wow’d push up bra has always been a favorite of b.tempt’d gals. And b.tempt’d is excited to introduce it in fall’s hottest hue! This sexy crimson color is paired with the b.wow’d signature animal print lining on the inside. Talk about a wow factor, right?

The graduated built-in push up pads give a natural-looking enhancement for just the right amount of “wow” you are looking for. Smooth and sleek material guarantees a clean finish for all your t-shirt bra needs. And the straps convert to criss-cross or halter, so play around with its versatility with all your fall fashions.

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