“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” ~ P.J. Salvage


PJ Salvage sleepshirt on Lingerie Briefs

Today, I have spent more time than I wanted trying to find a way to artfully explain why these styles from P.J. Salvage deserve a call out. I could go into a diatribe about the way this brand uses trendy design detail to create pajama and robe collections worthy of casual street wear. I could focus on the amazing fabrics for which they are renowned. I could discuss their foray into the 24/7 lifestyle product development journey on which they embarked years before it became an Intimate Apparel buzzword. Frankly, there are a slew of metaphors. But I have started and stopped multiple times today writing this piece. Sometimes, it’s best to simply state the facts. P.J. Salvage is just plain fun to look at, to wear, and to give as a gift. Plus, it’s incredibly soft and comfortable. These particular styles entice me because of the kitschy embroidery motifs cleverly integrated into classic sleep and lounge separates fitting XS-XL.  The creative team has done it again, capitalized on current fashion direction and elevated basic shapes to a contemporary design statement. It’s quintessential P.J. Salvage and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Stay tuned!

PJ Salvage sleepshirt on Lingerie Briefs

PJ Salvage joggers on Lingerie Briefs

“Fun is Good” ~Dr.Seuss

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