Resolutions, Resistance, Reality & the Rise of Sports Bras


Shock Absorber Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

New year, new beginnings…. or so I am hoping. Hope… that is a good way to start the year, and I have consulted my horoscope for glimmers of such hope.  Apparently, this is the year of choice for myself and my Scorpio comrades. Does that mean I get to choose a new president, please pretty please? Can I choose not to pay taxes? Can I choose the winning lottery numbers? As for the Scorpio 2019 love life, apparently, it’s all or nothing, and what else is new?

I’ve thought about making resolutions but haven’t gotten much further than the thought.   There is the prerequisite diet resolution, but the choices are staggering like the DASH, PALEO, MEDITTERENEAN, KETO, VEGETARIAN, FRUITARIAN, VEGAN, PESCETARIAN, KANGATARIAN, ITTERMITTENT FASTING, WW, SOUTH BEACH diets, and about a hundred more, I think I’ll just attempt to eat more plants and less things that breathe.

Prima Donna Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

Sleep…I’ve been working on this one for some time now and I think I’m good. I only watch the first 10 minutes of Stephen Colbert’s monologue at the beginning of his show because that’s the best part and it soothes me… so lights out by 11:50 so that I have more time to dream about doing a high impact sport wearing Prima Donna’s Underwire or Shock Absorbers Multi Sport Bra.

Freya Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

I’ve been researching and taste testing mocktails and non-alcoholic ‘liquors’, I’ve tried quite a few and they are not bad, there is definitely something to explore further. I feel much better in the morning after 3 faux gimlets versus 3 very real ones….and the weight loss factor is a bonus. A winter holiday in a warm climate sipping mocktails by a pool wearing Freya’s Freestyle One Piece is a vision I can make happen.

Natori Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

Tuning out and having less screen time is an admirable resolution but I won’t even pretend that is an option, I’m incapable, at least until the next election. To take my mind off the harmful rays emanating from my phone, a little meditating wearing Natori’s Yogi Bra ain’t a bad idea.

Panache Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

And last and definitely least is exercise, which brings me back to the real subject of this blog…sport bras. A lot of good stuff out there to hold the girls up, for every possible activity but sometimes you gotta go with just pretty…. and Panache’s Full Busted Sport Bra is a workout bra with a lacy look you can go out in and let peak thru your slightly unbuttoned shirt.

Anita Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

I am thinking about less consumption, a bit of minimalism if you will, with the exception of an outrageously loud and pretentious, ridiculously stupid waste of money, pair of high 3-digit sneakers. I know…it makes no sense, but I must do it and when I do, I will go minimal on the bra and wear them with Anita’s Front Close Bra, it looks like pure comfort, and I will need comforting if I spend that kind of money on a pair of sneakers.

So here’s to resolutions, hope and change (sound familiar, see where I’m going?) and getting back on track in my life, my heart and our country…2018 was a rough one, nowhere to go but up….

Peace, kindness and resistance in 2019!

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  1. Love it Tina! As a fellow Scorpion I’m going to take your lead on mocktails & prayers for a better 2019 for our country. Let’s hope our cups runneth over this year! 👍🥂

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