Nubian Skin Continues to Gain Traction


Nubian Skin Plumetis Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I am always touting young brands that continue to mature. There is nothing more satisfying to a merchant at heart than the discovery of a product that has legs. Such was the case when Nubian Skin launched in 2014, brought their ground breaking “New Nude” concept for women of color to the market. Still, I hesitated; waiting for brand traction, not because I didn’t see the viability, but more because good ideas require continuity and intelligent execution. These characteristics are not easily achieved.  Now, five years in, replete with customer accolades and multiple awards, Nubian Skin continues to accommodate their focus customer creating new styles in their four signature colors. I, for one, have moved past their initial mission statement.  I shop their collections for product discovery. Spring 2019 does not disappoint.

Nubian Skin Plumetis Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Stopping by their booth this past winter in Paris, the Plumetis collection was front and center. A delicate combination of a polka dot pattern and a tonal unadorned mesh, it raises the fashion bar on the entire Nubian Skin line. But the piece that caught my eye was the lounge pants that were merchandised with the core group. Meant as an accessory to the collection (picture here), I saw an entrée into an entire other layer of business on the horizon: lounge, resort, and swim (already happening). Of course lingerie is the focal point. Five key pieces 30-38, B-DD, XS-XXL are comfort giving styles, worthy underpinnings for a brand expansion. It was exciting to see the potential emerge. I am looking forward to the pursuit.

“Ideas Won’t Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them”
Alfred North Whitehead

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