Ellen’s Little Sports Bra Secret ~ Curvy Couture Ultimate Fit


Ellen on her horse Grenada

Ellen is in family wedding mode this week, so I’m taking the reins in this column space to reveal a big secret recently shared with me.  She’s cheating on her tried and true sports bra and having a love affair with Curvy Couture’s Ultimate Fit Sports Bra! She’s written a lot of articles about her devotion to another style and claims she never intends to discard it. But she can’t stop talking about the Curvy Couture Ultimate Fit and its incredible support, particularly while she canters in the desert.

Curvy couture ultimate fit sports bra on Lingerie Briefs

I personally think of horses as terrifyingly large creatures with the ability to kick you, but Ellen is fearless. She rides almost every day when she is in Cabo. I also know from a personal friend who works at a horse stable that riding requires a serious sports bra. It’s on par with the dynamics of running as well as other hi-impact sports and can lead to nasty back and shoulder aches if you aren’t wearing the right thing. This is amplified when a woman is large breasted. It’s imperative that everything remains still. Eliminating bounce is critical. This award winning style, fitting 34-44, C-H cups, scored the highest marks on Invista’s Sports Bra wear test. The fact that Ellen is wearing this bra consistently and raving about it all the time during our editorial meetings means that it must be truly special!

I think sometimes that Ellen and my fellow column editors are a little hesitant to talk about our favorite styles because product objectivity is our constant focus! But I do think that when bras become indispensable parts of our lives and daily activities that they deserve some sort of honorable mention. In the meantime, I hope to find a sports bra that I feel as passionately about as Ellen does about the Ultimate Fit Sports Bra!

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