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The last few weeks preparing for my daughter’s wedding have been a marathon of related and unrelated events. We flew home from Mexico for last minute preparations only to discover a major leak had capsized our ceiling onto our bed and flooded the floor. Fast forward, I’ve been sleeping on the couch while we maneuver through regrouping our entire bedding situation. Add to the equation: I babysat my son’s dog and my grandson for the weekend before the wedding because of previous promises made. Then the clothing dilemma: neither my husband nor I had appropriate attire due to our Mexican lifestyle and because he was sure that his 10 year old suits shrunk in the closet while we were away. Then there were the lingerie needs, not only for me, but the bride, who definitely had the wrong bra for under her wedding dress. So we went shopping for solutions.

Empreinte Cassiopee, Chantelle Soft Stretch, Janira Secrets as featured o Lingerie Briefs

With all my lingerie knowledge, I suggested several styles to her and into the fitting room went selections from Wacoal, Chantelle, Simone Perele and Natori, all in the incorrect size. Thank goodness for Nordstrom’s fitters. Our specialist told her the exact same thing as I did (after all I am just a mom) but this time she heeded the advice. She left with the Natori Feathers Strapless bra and matching panty. As for me, I am channeling my Empreinte Cassiopee bra and Janira’s  Secret’s High Waist Shaper. For the rehearsal dinner it’s Wacoal bras and Chantelle Soft Stretch all the way for both of us.  Believe it or not, this is a relatively low-key event planned in a very short window of time, mostly from Mexico. And although the celebration has morphed from a 20 person to a 50 person dinner, it’s a very simple party: white peonies and roses, a harpist, and of course an open bar. My daughter Kate will look beautiful.

“The Solution Often Turns Out More Beautiful Than the Puzzle” Richard Dawkins



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  2. clare ranney says:

    Of course she will look beautiful and so will YOU!

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