Watch ‘Beyond Gravity’, The New Film by Empreinte

Empreinte's new film Beyond Gravity is featured on Lingerie BriefsEmpreinte is presenting its new film about the brand which showcases the French corsetry company’s values and its dedication to women size C cup and above. The beautiful intention behind this film, which is designed as an analogy, is to help women regain their confidence and self-esteem. After all, hasn’t every woman with an ample bosom dreamt of being free of the weight? Why, like so many others, shouldn’t she also feel light, radiant and beautiful? And what if our lingerie has the dual power of providing liberation for the mind as well as the body? This is the message being portrayed in Beyond Gravity.


Empreinte turned to Julie Gautier, the renowned filmmaker, to make this unique, emotionally-charged film. The film, with its combination of water, dance, reverie and lightness, creates an extraordinary, dreamlike world into which no brand of lingerie has ever entered before. Julie Gautier, who was moved by Empreinte’s sincerity and values, could give her creativity and intuition free rein. Three extraordinary women, who reflect the brand and have unusual backgrounds, contributed to the success of this unique film.  Empreinte, supported in this year-long project by the Leo Burnett agency from the Publicis Group, took centre stage to spread their beautiful message with tenderness and feeling. This film is the story of wonderful, genuine and compassionate human connections, reflecting the values of Empreinte. Internationally supported by a digital media campaign, the film seeks to strengthen the reputation of this beautiful French corsetry brand.

Free to be ourselves
When we free ourselves from the unforgiving gaze,
When we meet our own reflexion with love,
When we see the beauty of our bodies,

When we revel in the touch of silk on our skin,
When we feel the flush of pride,
When we rise above expectations,

And leave gravity behind,
We find our light.

Empreinte's new film Beyond Gravity is featured on Lingerie Briefs




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