Empriente ’20 Swimwear Inspired by Simplicity and Soothing Power of Nature

For Summer 2020, Empreinte swimwear has been inspired by the simplicity and revitalising, soothing and healing power of nature. With a relaxing break in tranquil, enveloping water savouring some delicious time to yourself, you become aware of having regained a sense of balance. This creative and comfortable latest collection advocates the concept of ‘less is more’ and is aimed at the modern, engaged and positive- thinking woman.

The range of 6 key colours in essential hues also alludes to the idea of discovering a simple, perfect balance. They range from the deep, aquatic tones of ‘Black’ and ‘Eclipse’, to the sophistication of fresh, vibrant ‘Ocean and Lagoon’ through to the sun-drenched and glowing colours of ‘Fire and Zenith’.


Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Dream Collection in lagoon - featured on Lingerie BriefsFloral decoration, delicate garlands, bows and tiny golden beads pay tribute to our precious natural environment. A palette inspired by nature: Black, Lagoon and Zenith.Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Dream Collection in zenith - featured on Lingerie BriefsEmpreinte 2020 Swimwear - Dream Collection in black - featured on Lingerie Briefs


Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Body Collection in ocean - featured on Lingerie BriefsFull of glamour and curves. An interplay of drapes and lining techniques to create a faultless figure. Available in chic colourways: Black and Ocean.Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Body Collection in black - featured on Lingerie Briefs


Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Escale Collection in fire red - featured on Lingerie BriefsInfluenced by ‘active wear’ and with a polo vibe. A combination of honeycombed and smooth plain fabrics for showcasing the figure. A focus on belts to define the waist. With small buttoned plackets at the base of the straps for that relaxed Riviera feel. A marine vibe: Eclipse and Fire.Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Escale Collection in eclipse - featured on Lingerie Briefs


Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Star Collection two piece in black - featured on Lingerie BriefsA strong look balancing delicacy and structural precision. A crafted, rustic-look gold decoration and an interplay of contemporary ties encapsulates a glamorous look. A sophisticated palette of Black and Ocean.Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Star Collection in ocean blue - featured on Lingerie Briefs


Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Sun Collection in A lush floral print - featured on Lingerie BriefsAn enhanced natural pattern with a dreamlike and psychedelic visually arresting appeal. A lush floral print in flamboyant colours decorated with ties and beads. A joyful explosion of colour in a single colourway: Fire.


Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Happy Collection in geometric prints - featured on Lingerie BriefsA simple, light and airy print with tiny, vibrant, geometric droplets, a style full of colour and poetry. This design is highlighted with the graphic addition of a black and white adornment and tiny coordinated beads. Dazzling colourways: Ocean/White, Fire/White and Zenith/White.Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Happy Collection in geometric prints - featured on Lingerie Briefs


Empreinte 2020 Swimwear - Pearl Collection in multicolor stripes - featured on Lingerie BriefsInspired by scarves, with a striped print recalling an interplay of multicoloured beads standing out against an eclipse blue background. The plaited straps, ties and coloured beads playfully compete with the marine vibe. A single chic and colourful colourway: Eclipse.

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