Strapless Style Guide ~ Curvy Couture’s Award Winning Bras


Curvy Couture's Strapless Sensation Bra in Black featured on Lingerie BriefsA Strapless bra is a wardrobe staple, especially this time of year. This one from Curvy Couture has received top awards for its unmatched quality.

Gone are the days of wearing your everyday bra and tucking in the straps. You deserve better than that! Curvy Couture’s Strapless Sensation supports up to H cups with comfort.  But if straps are your thing, this bra comes with four.  A set of standard straps, a halter strap, and a clear halter strap.  Have fun with them!

Wear Curvy Couture’s plus size Strapless Bra up to 7 ways through dinner, drinks and dancing.  Halter, cross back, front, one shoulder. The list goes on. Let them show you what the right bra can do, here is their official Strapless Style Guide:

Underwear as outerwear

Show off and show out. We’re living in a time where blouses are optional, how does that make you feel? To be honest, we’re excited and find it liberating. Wear your Strapless Bra with a blazer and high waist blazer and high waist pants like Sarah Marana. Pair pieces in your wardrobe that bring comfort and joy, so you can be your most confident self while stepping out of the house.

Curvy Couture's Strapless Sensation Bra in Bombshell Nude featured on Lingerie Briefs

Spaghetti Straps

As plus size & curvy women, many of us never had the joy of wearing those cute spaghetti strap tops and dresses without wearing a t-shirt underneath. Or just opting out as an automatic “no” due to not having a great strapless bra. Ours is here to change that! Feel supported, no matter what straps you opt for. Silvia Romero is wearing her Strapless Sensation in Bombshell Nude underneath this dress for this golden hour shot.

Curvy Couture's Strapless Sensation Bra featured on Lingerie Briefs

Sheer it all

A classic sweetheart neckline underneath your sheer top is fun and flirty. This allows your sheer piece to do all the talking, while you stay polished underneath. Even if the weddings are on hold until further notice, wear it for all your future RSVPs and Holiday events – you’re going to want to look and feel your best! We’re a fan of how P.S. Kaguya wore her Smooth Strapless in Black with this top.

Curvy Couture's Smooth Strapless Bra featured on Lingerie Briefs

Don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews from customers who literally fell in love at first fit. A favorite review that always stuck was a customer saying they wore it to a wedding for over 10 hours and didn’t have to adjust once. When was the last time you were able to do that?

Keep your eyes peeled for their first skintone Strapless arriving mid-June over at


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