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Natori Ulla loungewear collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I just returned from visiting my sister-in-law in Newport, RI. It was our first segue outside of our immediate family pod since Covid began its social scourge. We stayed  in a high-end hotel where I was sure that safety would be a priority and comfort would be paramount. I knew that we would probably remain somewhat sequestered inside so I appreciated the luxury view of Newport Harbor and the spacious contemporary room replete with amenities that reinforce the meaning of quality. Believe me, the overall value coupled with time spent with family was worth every penny.

Natori Ulla loungewear collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Perhaps it was the combination of sunlight, calm waters and cool breezes, but while I was there, mulling over my next potential product post, all I could think of was the Natori Ulla Lounge Collection. Probably these images are self-explanatory, but the fact is, these styles embody every aspect of my Newport experience beginning with their easy relaxed fit. Constructed in a soft, brushed knit and ribbed combination, these pieces are round the clock versatile.  Natori offers 8 different shapes in the Ulla capsule: 1 legging,  2 pants, 2 loungers, 2 tunics and 1 cardigans.  I could have worn any one of the designs walking in the marina, having cocktails in my room, at diner in the restaurant and even to sleep. Available XS-XL,  they are cozy solutions for anywhere and anytime the current lifestyle beckons.

Natori Ulla loungewear collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Luxury Must Be Comfortable, Otherwise It Is Not Luxury” Coco Chanel

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