Le Mystere Creates Stunning Allure Bra in Pink Chiffon

Le Mystere has created the stunning Lace Allure in pink chiffon - featured on Lingerie BriefsFollowing the trend of impact underwired bras for Fall 20, Le Mystere has created the stunning Lace Allure in pink chiffon. With a focus on the new femme, this glamourous and sexy style makes an impact with its modern net ground and botanical inspired edge.  Designed to also be comfortable, we incorporated a narrow frame and wrapped it in a soft stretch microfiber that has a beautiful feel and a subtle sparkle. To achieve the scoop neck demi look, they carefully selected a lace gallon with the perfect amount of stretch so when paired with a touch molding technique, it provides just enough depth, allowing the breast tissue to fall in and create a sexy swell. Fully adjustable straps are made of a pleated ribbon and are brushed for comfort.

Perfect for Spring in Pink Chiffon, and will be teamed with the show stopping hi-waist thong which features the stunning botanical lace.


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  1. Tamarabj4 says:

    Elegance in feminine expression,knows nothing more than the beautiful feel of pink chiffon on smooth hairless skin… heavenly Darling…

  2. Penny Nitz-Westerman says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, and looks comfortable, too!

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