Dixie Belle® Panty Fans Rejoice! Shadowline Welcomes this Classic Brand into the Family

Thousands of customers were disheartened when the well-known USA brand, Dixie Belle® closed it’s facilities in 2019 after nearly 75 years of operation. Fortunately for Dixie Belle fans, the beloved brand was purchased by the parent company of Shadowline/Velrose last year. Now, Dixie Belle’s most popular panty style is back in full swing and in stores again! Comfort is king no matter what age you are, and younger women are loving the vintage, high-waist style just like their moms always have. Many consider these ‘granny panties’ to be pretty sexy too… the soft, silky nylon fabric feels fabulous and looks flattering on every bodytype.

“I’m 60 years old and have been wearing Dixie Belle for 40 years! I can’t wear any other panty that fits as well. So happy you carry Dixie Belle now!”

Dixie Belle® Scallop Trim Full Brief has been a best-seller for decades. Shadowline is currently manufacturing the celebrated style at full throttle to keep up with the considerable store demand.  It’s no wonder, the price point and quality is exceptional, not to mention the vast popularity of this panty.

“These panties are so wonderful and wash over and over again with complete success. I have been purchasing them for years and am so happy that I found them again!”

These classic panties comfortably sit at the waist for a full coverage fit. Fabric is smooth, breathable 100% USA nylon tricot fabric with a cotton gusset and enhanced with decorative scallop stitching. Available in an extended size range from sizes 5-15. Colors include white, beige, blue and pink.

It’s the quality you know at a price you’ll love. Experience the classic comfort you’ve come to expect from Dixie Belle.

“I was approached by the owner of Dixie Belle Lingerie to buy Dixie Belle in 2020, another family-owned brand and company. I’m thrilled to add Dixie Belle® to our family of quality products.”
Alan Rifkin, Owner of Velrose, Shadowline and Dixie Belle



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  1. Joan balthazor says:

    These are the best ladies underwater ever. I wore them for years until I could no longer get them. They out last any I have tried since those. Where can I buy them. Have not had a decent pair for a long time that fits a d feels good ..let me know how to order them
    Thank you

  2. Myra Sheffield says:

    I liked it when I found Dixie Belle panties again BUT I really want my lace trimmed panties back…you know the waist was made of lace and so we’re the leg holes. Those were so comfortable and looked nice if you found yourself in an awkward position where your underwear was showing!! Would love to find it in colors but beige is ok.

    Thank you for buying the company but could you return it to being USA made? Really don’t like buying imports and China is off my list almost completely. Maybe now completely.

  3. Terry sorensen says:

    Got my first order. I was very happy to have Dixie belle nylon panties again for ordering. All looks good and fit is good. Thanks

  4. Carolyn Lamb says:

    I am unable to find the regular 100% cotton full cut not full coverage high waist panties in size 12. I am large and these fit well and I love them but can’t seem to find the exact ones like it.

  5. mike says:

    Hey, guys can wear these too! I was introduced to Dixie Bell through a purchase of these heavenly panties at a local thrift store. I love them so much that they now fully stock the top drawer in my lingerie cabinet.

  6. Terry Nelson says:

    As a man I enjoy Dixie belle nylon panties

    • Robert M says:

      I discovered the Dixie Belle nylon panties; as à happy husband, now I wear the three first I have bought all the time, 24/7 days. Why? Because they fit perfectly. Size 5 and my wife just comment « not too tight? ». Just perfect. Many thanks.

    • Robert M says:

      Me too, and my wife agrees. These are the best I ever bought.

  7. Looking forward to buying the Dixie belle nylon panties. Thank you

  8. Pamela K Phillips says:

    Please let me know when you get the scallop p.anties in Dixie Belle having been wearing these for many yrs.

  9. Penny Nitz-Westerman says:

    These are wonderful panties – easily laundered, fast drying and comfortable above all else. Glad they’re back!

  10. Terrie says:

    This is such good news. The last time I was able to buy Dixie Belle panties was through Vermont Country Store about four years ago, maybe longer. I love the feel, the look and can’t wait to buy them again!

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