50 lbs & Counting: Sugar Candy Bralettes Stand the Test


Sugar Candy bralettes for Curvy Girls as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s been a year this month since I started my big weight loss project. It’s illuminating to reflect on how much has and hasn’t changed during that time. I’m 50 pounds lighter, although I don’t feel it most days. It’s often hard to celebrate how far you’ve come instead of focus on how far you have to go. I started out as a 1X and now wear a size medium but would still never feel comfortable describing myself as skinny to anyone.

The hardest part of the transition has been buying new clothes and lingerie. I hadn’t shopped for non-plus size clothing size college, so it’s all been a little intimidating. I often miss my old favorite brands and the ease of online shopping. I was offered the opportunity to re-visit Sugar Candy bralettes recently, which are an old favorite of mine that I hadn’t tried since I essentially gained a new body. I was nervous I wouldn’t feel the same about them as I used to.

Sugar Candy bralettes for Curvy Girls as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I’m pleased to report that this standby brand works for me as a 36H and a 30J, which is pretty incredible. I was even happier to see that they have added some new colors that fit into that neutral yet pretty category for daily wear. Cocoa and Rosewood go beyond basic beige and pink, but still fit under a t-shirt or tank top without showing through.

Sugar Candy bralettes for Curvy Girls as featured on Lingerie Briefs

In some ways it’s become harder for me to buy bras rather than easier as I lost weight, so I was happy to see that all of the same features that I originally adored still worked for me now. These bralettes give actual separation without a wire and have incredible side slings that do a ton of literal heavy lifting. I lost all the padding around my rib cage first, which has meant that I’ve leaned into the wireless bra trend most of the time this year. While I’m not going to go wire-free forever, I think I know now that bralettes like this might make it a truly viable option.


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  1. Hi Holly, congratulations on your weight loss project! As always, lovely article, these bras look to be so comfy to wear. Wishing you the best!

  2. Sarah Carter says:

    Congrats, Holly! So happy to hear Sugar Candy works for you just as well for both sizes! As a rep for Sugar Candy collection, I can tell you that the fabric they use is incredibly soft, yet so strong! I love the new colors too! Thanks again for trying them out at your new size.

  3. Asi Efros says:

    Dear Holly,
    Love the article and the brand.
    Congratulations on your achievement!
    All the best to you.

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