Evelyn & Bobbie’s Moonstone Lace Collection Eclipses Expectations


Evelyn & Bobbie Moonstone Lace Defy Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Monday, as every USA news channel spewed, was the solar eclipse. In Los Cabos Mexico, we were privy to a perspective just short of the 100% vision seen on the direct track. Nonetheless, it was quite a spectacle.  One of the phenomena we did experience was the decreasing of temperature and the waning of light. It didn’t go dark. It grew dusky. It was a brief interlude of calm before the noon day sun reemerged. It was almost mystical.

Evelyn & Bobbie Moonstone Lace Plunge Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

How does Evelyn & Bobbie’s Moonstone Lace Collection relate? The new Moonstone color is reminiscent of the shadowy blue light that veiled the midday landscape. This shade originally shipped in 2021 and eclipsed original sale’s expectations. Thus, the decision to update it for a limited time this Spring with the brand’s signature lace digital print . It is available in Defy, Bobbie Scoop, Beyond and Plunge Bras as well as the Retro Bikini and Hi Waisted Thong.  Evelyn & Bobbie may not be a natural phenomenon, but based on feedback, these styles have become the sun, moon and stars to larger breasted women seeking a magical solution to bra comfort. Contact Morgan Waldroff  Morgan@evelynbobbie.com

Evelyn & Bobbie Moonstone Lace Beyond Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Evelyn & Bobbie Moonstone Lace Bobbie Scoop Bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsSee More Evelyn & Bobbie Collections in Their Spotlight on Lingerie Briefs 







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