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Hanro of Switzerland Violetta Collection on Lingerie Briefs

I have gotten into the habit lately of tuning into You Tube on my TV to listen (and watch) classical music concerts, particularly where soloists perform. I am quite awe struck by the talent I see, partial to strings and the piano. After all, these artists are already virtuosos, steps above their peers, most who already claim positions in world famous orchestras. These are music masters worthy of global acclaim. Occasionally, a force of nature rises; not only prodigious from birth but someone or something other worldly. Their gifts survive into perpetuity. This is what I experienced when I happened this weekend upon a concert starring the incomparable violinist Itzhak Perlman. I am not sure if it was Tchaikovsky’s concerto or/and Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra, all legacies in their own right, but I knew the moment I heard it begin that I had been transported to another dimension of personal pleasure.  Can you imagine the joy one might know hearing it live? This was beyond superior, it was supreme.

Watching Perlman play, one does not think of glamour. One thinks of class, intelligence, perpetual elegance; qualities that transcend time remaining contemporary and essential, just like the Hanro of Switzerland brand, and its heritage of excellence that has propelled it to legend status since its birth 135 years ago. I like to say that with Hanro, it is all about the fabric and it is.  The designs are merely a frame for textile innovation and quality unsurpassed in this market. The Violetta Collection, highlighted here, is constructed in Hanro’s proprietary mercerized cotton interlock coupled with a graphic interpretation of guipure design. Available for XS-XL, this Pajama is an icon of modern design: casual, sensual, understated luxury. The beauty of the Hanro aesthetic is its seemingly effortless ascension into a league of its own. Timeless inner and outerwear that one needs only to encounter to know the difference

 “Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.”  William Makepeace Thackeray

Way back in olden times when I was in high school, the art department put on an annual stage show followed by an exhibition of the students’ work in the gymnasium. One year, an entire wall was filled with fashion illustrations, so charismatic that the audience was stunned. The work was an elegant rendition of the female form, never deviating from the acknowledgement of a woman’s curves. The artist would go on to become a world famous fashion designer. Her name was Donna Karan.  It was at that show that I began my recognition of the symbiotic relationship between art, design and profit. As I started a career in merchandising, it became obvious to me that this synthesis was a brilliant method to realize sales. The retailers that recognize how visual impact affects the consumer are always ahead of the game.

So, it was with great expectation that I learned … ...Read more


As an Art History major, I spent substantial time immersed in the Renaissance.  My appreciation for this inventive epoch was fueled mainly during time I spent in Italy exposed to the genius of Michelangelo. It was his sculptures that truly changed my perspective.  What made him such a defining force and ha sustained his influence through 4 centuries was his extraordinary ability to transform a traditional subject into a living, breathing work of art.  As classic as his body of work is, his execution remains an emblem of artistic excellence. As a student, I learned to dig deeper into an artist’s performance in order to uncover that which sets him apart. In the case of Michelangelo, it was his unfinished studies discovered at the Accademia Gallery in Florence, Italy that taught me how to truly look at a subject. What was revealed were half hewn figures that seem to emerge … ...Read more


By the time you are reading this, Thanksgiving will be done. It’s Black Friday, the traditional holiday send-off that has, in recent years, evolved into mayhem; questionable deals leaking into a sacred American celebration. I am in Mexico, where this day is not part of the general atmosphere and even Christmas in this Catholic country is less commercial. Black Friday for me, this year, is the anticipation of Hurricane Sandra, which is set to strike today and may or may not be a category 4 storm. So we are hunkered down, under dark skies, semi-prepared with our fingers crossed. Hoping for a tropical depression, just extraordinary rain, and anticipating the steady sunshine that will surely emerge at the end. It’s a clear parallel with retailer’s wishes for this season’s business.


Black Friday either in the USA’s rampant shopping craze or here on hurricane watch in Cabo San Lucas, had me … ...Read more


Riding two or three times a week here in Mexico affords me an opportunity to meet so many interesting people, one of whom owns a very chic Italian clothing boutique in the Luxury Mall called Maliparmi. I knew the store before I met Rosanna because I bought a pair of sandals there that I thought were a steal at 250 pesos only to learn (after I wore them) that in fact, they were marked in dollars. I should have known by virtue of the store’s location. Oh well, lesson learned. Pay attention to detail all of the time. Hanging around the barn one day with Rosanna and a few other women, the subject of bras came up. The lack of choice there is here in Cabo when it concerns design quality and support was quite a conversation. Rosanna declared that in her opinion there were only two things … ...Read more

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