This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A European Born Brand Shows Promise in the USA

I won’t be able to attend the Salon De Lingerie show this month as family issues are holding me hostage at the moment;  I am glad that I have expert “eyes” attending.  Some of our Guest Bloggers have promised a comprehensive report.  After all, it was in Paris last year that I found the newly launched London based Fräulein Annie brand. Created by German designer Frauke Nagl, I knew the moment I saw this debut collection of sexy intimates conceived for sizes 8 – 18 and A – G cups that I had discovered a potential winner.  Venturing this fall into the USA market, I learned recently that it is already a best seller at Kaori’s Closet in NYC.   The state of the art manufacturing base is clearly delivering quality and fit as well as Marlene … ...Read more

2012. New Year: Revelation, Resolution and Re-birth.  The holidays behind us, we re-direct our priorities with an eye on transition.  It is time to hunker down and review expectations.  January is the beginning of the slow slog uphill that seems to commandeer our lives at this annual juncture.   Grey skies, budgets and reality initiate all sorts of goals in order for us to harbor hope.  When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, this meant resuming my weekly swimming regime at our local recreation center after a brief holiday splurging hiatus.  In those days, the active bathing suit selection for girls of my “curvy” shape was limited to a simple solid black tank suit with little support and no shape.  The disintegration of the basic nylon material by the chlorine drenched water from the repetition of 40 laps three times a week was guaranteed.  Standing at the edge of an … ...Read more

[lightbox color=”#000000″ type=”image” title=”” link=””][/lightbox]The curtain rises. From the depths of the orchestra, the music surges, flooding the senses with anticipation. The beautiful ballerina ascends en pointe to dance one of the most memorable tributes to feminine enchantment and romance in the history of classical ballet. It is the Pas De Deux, Tchaikovsky’s mesmerizing musical dream sequence from The Nutcracker Suite, during which the Sugar Plum Fairy pays tribute to the heroic Clara for saving the Prince. The drama created by the combination of gorgeous costumes, dreamlike sets, tantalizing sound and extraordinary footwork appeals to my Russian genes. It’s the intensity, the overwhelming emotion of being lifted to another reality, even for a brief moment in time, that to me is the essence of lingerie.

The ethereal ballerinas, in their poetic tutus are elegant illustrations of both the strength and softness in a woman’s nature. Seduced by … ...Read more

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