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By Marina Rybak


“A Conversation with Pedro Almodóvar”, The New York Times event placed a spotlight on the world-famous, critically acclaimed film director. Times Talks coincides with the release of Almodóvar’s new comedy, “Los Amantes Pasageros” or English version “I’m So Excited” which opens June 28 in the US.

Known as the greatest Spanish filmmaker since the legendary surrealist Luis Buñuel, Almodóvar chiseled his own pedestal on the world art cinema stage with unique and unconventional film genre of his own. A master mixer on the verge of the absurd, Pedro Almodóvar’s emotional, old Hollywood inspired melodramas and “slightly serious” comedies are imbued with kinky satire and tragedy, laced with humor.

His storytelling, amplified with the soulful, sultry sounds from the Iberian Peninsula is a visual feast with a lot of Style. The production design, the sets, the fashions, the colors, patterns, and textures are meticulously chosen with attention to … ...Read more

By Marina Rybak

The living is easy as the tip of the warmest season is coloring the horizon. But the summer time sizzle is at the boiling point and is spilling over at the Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho.

Playdate – a new exhibit by Ellen von Unwerth, an esteemed fashion photographer is on view through July 12.


Steeped in the erotic razzmatazz, fetish and fashion fairyland, the juicy mostly black and white images provoke and slightly dishevel the viewer. There is plenty of “the fun in the sun” and the joy rides to go around in these titillating assembly of the pageantry in disguise, variations on the state of undress and the sprinkle of sexy lingerie.

Notably, since the 90’s Ellen von Unwerth created some of the most iconic, sexiest images for the most prestigious fashion, pop culture publications and mega celebrities and brands. Her artistic voice has been influential … ...Read more

By Marina Rybak

There are many hot places on the planet, yet during the month of May and this year from the 15th till the 26th the hottest spot of all is on the Côte d’Azur at Cannes. And to add to the temperature the prestigious Cannes Film Festival is followed by another “Glam” Slam event – tennis Roland Garros in Paris; unmistakably the French heat wave is on in full force!

The legendary celebration of the world cinema attracts broad public attention from all corners of the Earth. The highbrow screenings lure the audiences indoors, while the high-voltage “glamorama” of the open air sends the media and the adoring, loyal fans into the pleasurable, buzzing frenzy. For sixty-five years now, the brightest constellations of the international stars and starlets strut on the Promenade de la Croisette and the Red Carpet Steps, warming the globe with their luminescence.

But the … ...Read more

by Marina Rybak

I love Paris on any day, especially in May. When the chestnut trees are in bloom I feel so much at home there. I effortlessly blend into Parisian palette and melt in its shade in the pursuit of the hidden authentic treasures. I can still find few local sparklers, bypassing the signs of globalization, which burden the neighborhood color of any major city anywhere. 

The Musée de l’Éventail is such a gem, tucked away in the 10th arrondissement. It is a tiny private Fan Museum, located within the fan–making atelier, run by Anne Hoguet. She is the fourth generation Eventailliste or in plain English – fan maker. Anne is the only artisan in France who continues the rare ancient art of fan making, carrying on the tradition of her family since the times of Belle Époque.
Anne Houget creates, restores and safety guards about 2000 fans, spanning … ...Read more

By Marina Rybak


Caterina’s famous father, comic artist Guido Crepax gave the world a notorious cartoon character Valentina. With the looks of Louise Brooks, Valentina Rosselli was a photojournalist from Milan. This kinky and vulnerable femme fatale grooved to the beat of time on the pages of the mildly erotic comic strip from the mid-sixties to the mid-nineties. Her sensuality captured a wide audience and the character is still wildly popular with the devoted fan base.


Contemporary artist Caterina Crepax shares her father’s passion for art, design and the tactile bliss of working with paper. But while Guido’s creation invites her admirers to follow his subject into the carnal depths, Caterina’s wonders take us on the ethereal journey.

With a background in architecture, interior, set and product design, the artist released her paper fantasies in to the world in 1995.  She works with rice paper and all types of paper … ...Read more

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