Spotlight on Lise Charmel

Sensual, daring, and exquisitely crafted, the Follement Sexy Collection captures the essence of the Lise Charmel brand. Designed to accentuate natural curves, this 18-piece collection is a powerful statement of feminine beauty. An Italian embroidery delicately drawn on a gossamer light tulle evokes a modern tattoo effect. Stylized blossoms and winding festoons sweep across the transparent surface to create an illusion of black ink elegantly applied directly on a woman’s skin. Lise Charmel continues its … Read More

This month Lise Charmel  reveals the power of  red lingerie, luxurious, dramatic, and sexy. Drawing from four legacy collections, Dressing Floral, Soir de Venise, Splendeur Soie and Glamour Couture, the brand showcases its best-in-class intimates in this quintessential color of love; red. Red is a symbol of romance, passion, and splendor. Red lipstick, red nail polish, a red dress; when a woman wears red she draws attention, professes confidence and strength. It is invigorating and … Read More

Lise Charmel Les Nuits Chics Collection of bras, pantied, garter, waspie, loungewear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Lise Charmel celebrates the New Year with the debut of the festive Les Chics Nuits Collection. This 22-piece assortment of stunning lingerie and lounge pieces are spectacular examples of the brand’s unique creative flair. Eight bras, seven panties, as well as a garter, waspie, bodysuit, and lounge pieces are engineered to fit and array of shapes sized from 30-42, A-F and XS-XXXL. A consortium of sumptuous fabrics; stretch silk, silk chiffon and laminated velour complement … Read More

Lise Charmel Dentelle Cashmer silk and lace paisley print Collection as featured on Lingerie BriefsInfluenced by the elegance and artistry birthed during the Age of Discovery, Lise Charmel has designed a spectacular array of exquisite lingerie: fifteen styles complete the Dentelle Cashmer Collection for Holiday 22. Its rich palette of cobalt blue, ocean green, fig purple and aniseed yellow recalls the gorgeous treasures uncovered during The Persian Voyages of earlier centuries. The highlight of this assortment is a striking Kashmir Paisley pattern printed on a luminous silk fabric and … Read More

Lise Charmel Glamour Couture Collection in Rouge (Red) as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Lise Charmel sets the mood for holiday 2022 as this month  it debuts a fiery red color in its luxury Glamour Couture Collection.  Red, the color of passion, romance, and joy also portends an element of danger. Red radiates a sensual energy that demands attention. Embracing a rock star spirit, these 17 sexy styles were designed to be seen. Classic Lise Charmel Atelier artistry brings the story to life. Extraordinary craftsmanship combining exclusive faux … Read More

This month the Lise Charmel Group was front and center among a host of stellar lingerie brands that walked the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Lise Charmel runway show at NYFW as featured on Lingerie BriefsBeaute Orchidee

NYFW is a showcase of global designers, predominantly ready-to-wear, who feature their new collections, current and future. Established 80 years ago, it is one of the major fashion incubators including Paris, Milan, and London. From its stage, buyers, celebrities, influencers, and designers cull trends. Lise Charmel’s presence … Read More

ANTIGEL by the Lise Charmel Group Stricto Sensuelle Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s all about attitude and Lise Charmel’s ANTIGEL brand knows how to flaunt it! This month, ANTIGEL presents the brand’s fresh, seductive perspective with new color and shape additions to the iconic ‘Stricto Sensuelle’ Collection. This 20-piece assortment of 8 bras, 6 panties and 6 sleep pieces is now available in a brilliant red tone infusing a joyous energy into this bestselling intimate’s group. ‘Stricto Sensuelle’ is designed with an exclusive eco conscious jacquard … Read More

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