Spotlight on Lise Charmel

Rich sunsets, fuchsia, purple and green gardens lush with summer flowers inspired the creation of the Lise Charmel Magie Saphir  and Beauté Saphir collections.  Delivering now, eighteen styles including six bras, seven panties and five sleepwear pieces have been created with the signature Lise Charmel design alchemy. The exclusive seven-thread embroidery on transparent tulle juxtaposed with French leavers lace merchandises perfectly with the Italian printed viscose pajamas, slip and robe. Definitely meant to be seen. Lush, luxurious, exotic, and artistic, no one does lingerie enchantment quite like the Lise Charmel brand.… Read More

Rêve de Jouy collection by Antigel from the Lise Charmel Group as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Once again, the Lise Charmel Group features an innovative collection anchored by a contemporary design rooted in French artistry. This month it’s the Rêve de Jouy collection by Antigel, the brand’s ode to the young at heart. This famed Toiles de Jouy pattern, developed in France in 1760, has been digitally reinterpreted for these styles into a vibrant, modern, and exclusive print.  A robust assortment of 20 styles including and entire range of intimates and loungewear, Rêve de Jouy embodies the concept of casual comfort. Romantic and playful it is the perfect counterpoint to the denim mainstay of the American wardrobe.… Read More

Lise Charmel Caprice En Dentelle Collection as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Buds, branches, and leaves emerge in a lacy tableau as Spring evolves. This provocative vision is captured exquisitely in Lise Charmel’s new Caprice en Dentelle collection.  Eight luxurious lingerie pieces are designed in an exclusive stretch Leavers Laces for Lise Charmel, known as “Lace of Calais-Caudry®.  Created by a unique clipping technique the pale peach camellia flower pattern is revealed in layers, effecting a delicate texture on the skin. Juxtaposed with an ultra-soft transparent tulle one is reminded of nature blooming as the days lengthen.

Lise Charmel Caprice En Dentelle Collection as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Details like pleated straps, pink gold jewels and microfiber hooks add to the elegance and comfort of these four bras and four panty styles.… Read More

Lise Charmel Spring 21 Desir en Fleurs & Folies de Fleurs as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Spring is particularly poignant this year as the world emerges from its cocoon. Lise Charmel celebrates with a preview of their Desir en Floris and Folie de Fleur collections due in stores this May. Translated into English ‘the desire flowers’ and ‘wrapped in flowers’, this 17-piece lingerie bouquet is classic Lise Charmel artistry.

Lise Charmel Spring 21 Desir en Fleurs & Folies de Fleurs as featured on Lingerie Briefs

These exquisite floral designs evoke a field of wildflowers basking in summer’s light.  Once again, the brand has created an exclusive centerpiece of modern intimates lush in rich living colors. Printed on a luxurious poly satin, sheer tulle, and modal mesh, every piece is detailed with an exclusive multi-thread embroidery.… Read More

Lise Charmel Invitation Sexy Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

There was a time in the Lingerie vernacular that merchandising very sexy intimates was relegated to the holidays with red and black as the calling cards. But times have changed, and provocative lingerie has emerged as an everyday go-to choice; particularly this year. The consumer desire for dressing up (or perhaps I should say, dressing under) has accelerated. That’s why we chose to highlight Lise Charmel’s Invitation Sexy collection as we enter the Spring 21 season.

Lise Charmel Invitation Sexy Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Invitation Sexy is a comprehensive lingerie assortment of eighteen styles including six bras (30-40, A-E), five panties (XS-4XL),  garters and accessories all designed with an exclusive Italian embroidery over a microfiber mesh and trimmed with leavers lace.… Read More


Lise Charmel Fleurs de Nuit Collection inspired by Frieda Kahlo as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A few weeks ago, Sandra Jones, Lise Charmel’s North American Sales Director, and I were chatting about the brand’s new Fleurs de Nuit lingerie selection . We are often on a similar creative wavelength when discussing a collection so when she mentioned her recent visit to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, my art radar became completely engaged. In Mexico, Frida Kahlo is a national icon. Her image is everywhere from touristy paraphernalia to revered works of art.… Read More

Antigel Soir Adrénaline Limited edition collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

As we herald in the New Year, hoping for an uplifting 2021, Antigel, the thoroughly modern lingerie brand from the Lise Charmel Group debuts a limited-edition collection, Soir Adrénaline. These six-pieces promise an instant lingerie rush, perfect for any party from New Years through Valentine’s Day. Only available in select locations, Soir Adrénaline embraces the brand’s modern, sexy, comfortable aesthetic. Designed in a combination of tulle, a geometric openwork band, rose gold details and 3-way convertible bra straps, these styles capture the graphic clarity inherent in contemporary fashion.… Read More

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