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True Blue ~ Lise Charmel

Matisse Cut Outs from the MOMA as seen on Lingerie Briefs

On my very first trip to France at the age of 18, I went to a Matisse exhibit at the Grand Palais and saw the painters Cut-Outs. Stunned by the symbiosis of simplicity and complexity revealed in this medium, I spent my paltry travel budget on a large poster of The Blue Nude. I was intrigued by the artist’s perfect application of shape to a space and realized the way the color blue, a key element in many of these pieces, created a calming balance to a basic form.… ...Read more

Lise Charmel Ecrin Nature on Lingerie Briefs

I’m bound for the Northeastern USA next week where I will be transferred from the dry, simplicity of the desert into a labyrinth of greenery. For me, the month of July is always reminiscent of the lush forests of the Adirondack Mountains where I spent every summer of my childhood and beyond surrounded by abundant luscious plant life under mile high trees and crystal blue lakes. There is something provocative about this verdant landscape, deeply feminine and beautiful; inviting escape. I suspect my propensity for every shade of green was birthed there and why I always return for a dose of vegetation that belongs solely to this region.… ...Read more

Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Collection in platinum as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Splendeur Soie is an iconic Lise Charmel collection, the embodiment of the brand’s extraordinary design hand; French lingerie at its best. Sculpted from rich silk sateen, these embroidered pieces inlaid with leaver’s lace are a brand collectible. Offered in three classic colors year round as well as several fashion hues, this August the range will deliver in a rich platinum shade. The 17 piece assortment is comprised of 6 bra shapes 32-44, B-F cups, 6 panties XS-XXL, a waist cincher and 4 lounge pieces.… ...Read more

Lise Charmel baisers d'ete full cup and robe on lingerie Briefs

The Baisers d’été collection, is rooted in the beauty of nature. The group is designed with an exclusive Lise Charmel innovation, floral embroidery that is printed in a gradient.A powerful statement of the brand’s expertise, this is  a brilliant range of colors igniting a silk canvas comprised of contrasting materials.  Delivering in May, Baiser’s d’été includes 15 silhouettes; bras, panties and sleepwear ranging in sizes from 32-40, A-E cups and XS-XXL.

lise charrmel baisers d'ete contour cup on lingerie briefs

Lise Charmel baisers d'ete underwire bralet on lingerie Briefs

Lise Charmel baisers d'ete half cup bra and panty on lingerie briefs

Lise Charmel baisers d'ete chemiise on lingerie briefs

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Lise Charmel Acanthe Arty in powder pink on Lingerie Briefs

I know why the Acanthe Arty collection from Lise Charmel reminds me of the ambrosia of French desserts. I think it’s because I am ensconced in The Great British Baking Show on Netfix and last night, I watched French pastry week. It’s hard to replicate the culinary intricacies of a French patisserie. Seductive delicacies in unparalleled artistry require a modicum of indulgence just because the taste is worth it.

Lise Charmel Acanthe Arty in powder pink on Lingerie Briefs

The flavor, the beauty and the attention to detail applied in a French bakery is as complex as the design and development of a collection of luxury lingerie and Lise Charmel’s expertise at this effort is never compromised.… ...Read more

Lise Charmel SS19 Haute Couture Art de Volupté and Soie Virtuose Collections are copacetic, melding together 17 styles of luxury lingerie worthy of any bride or woman desiring the ultimate in lingerie. However, it’s the Lise Charmel designer technique that raises them above commercial lingerie to another plane of grace. They are unique in their content, intricate in their application and complex in their artistry.  Proprietary Guipure and embroidery on tulle, laser cut inlays and organza flowers create pattern reliefs. Exclusive leavers laces, stretch silk satin and the “ultra mother of pearl” guarantee anti yellowing process are all part of the Lise Charmel stable of componentry that separates this atelier from the crowd.… ...Read more

Lise Charmel Fete Precieuse contour bra and thong on Lingerie Briefs

Lise Charmel ushers in the New Year with their ethereal Fête Précieuse Collection, an exquisite interpretation of the eternal beauty of the celestial night sky in which an endless veil of stars casts iridescent layers of black and blue. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of and Lise Charmel has created 14 heavenly lingerie pieces to emulate this vision. Ultra-soft tulle and transparent netting are offset by an exclusive floral embroidery fashioned from super fine threads. These elegantly crafted styles are further enhanced by precious details such as a proprietary leavers lace and Swarovski jewels.… ...Read more

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