Spotlight on Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel Soiree Libertine collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Lise Charmel 2020 Soirée Libertine collection, delivering to stores shortly, is testimony to the brand’s incredible craftsmanship.  Inspired by the 18th century French court and its evenings of opulence, it is a combination of luxury materials for which the Lise Charmel atelier is renown. Feather light leavers lace, jacquard tulle, an extremely flat multi-thread guipure embroidery, and Swarovski jewels are juxtaposed on a majestic rose printed devoré silk satin.The acute attention to … Read More

Lise Charmel Soie de Venise collection featured on Lingerie Briefs

Ten years ago, when Lise Charmel launched its signature Soir de Venise collection, one might not have been able to anticipate its extraordinary success story. Inspired by the artistry for which venetian masks are renown, each piece reflects couture quality craftsmanship. Designed with a patented embroidery that sustains ten separate backgrounds, Soir de Venise epitomizes the essence of the Lise Charmel brand. Its extraordinary popularity has enabled the collections growth not only by silhouette … Read More

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I have been writing about the Lise Charmel Dressing Floral Collection since 2015 when we first highlighted its bridal appeal. As its popularity has grown, Dressing Floral has established itself as a signature group in the brand portfolio. The artisanal guipure design technique crafted in a timeless deco pattern is brilliantly engineered to complement a woman’s natural curves. Coordinated sleepwear pieces fabricated in Dévourée silk could easily integrate into a woman’s wardrobe. As usual, Lise … Read More

Lise Charmel Fleur Aphrodite camisole and shorts as featured on Lingerie Briefs

This month Lise Charmel launches a new version of its exquisite Fleur Aphrodite collection (originally in red) for Summer 2020.  Golden glossed threads form an intricate flower pattern that embraces the torso with a sensual floral relief. A coordinating guipure and print capture the brand’s signature design aesthetic: luxurious intimates; each shape a modern artistic statement worthy of collecting. It is notable that Fleur Aphrodite is right on target for 2020/ 21 fashion direction, incorporating … Read More

Lise Charmel Folies D'Iris Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Lise Charmel design signature: juxtaposing exclusive embroidery, guipure and lace to enhance a painterly canvas of soft, silky fabrics is manifest here in the Folies D’Iris collection delivering this Spring. The explosion of color, possible through the technical expertise for which the brand is renown, is executed beautifully in twelve styles, bras (30-40, A-E), panties and lounge pieces (XS-XXL) that anchor the exquisite collection. Lise Charmel, once again, curates a gift of floral lingerie … Read More

Magnolia blooming in Stamford, Ct as featured o Lingerie Briefs

For the past 4 weeks, my only escape from confinement has been a long walk through my neighborhood watching the slow blooming of spring flowers. It’s a very different perspective to view our surroundings up front and personal in contrast to a normal drive by glimpse. The seasonal evolution doesn’t stop and nature is a mitigating vision during this difficult time. Everyday, I walk past this magnolia tree whose emerging pink buds stand in vivid … Read More

Lise Charmel Precieux Diademe bridal collection balconet bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

An oasis of beauty, a homage to art, a moment of joy, in unbridled luxury, Lise Charmel’s Précieux Diadème spring 2020 bridal collection launches this month. Sixteen styles constructed in pearl white jacquard silk combined with a proprietary leavers lace are artfully crafted to the pinnacle of French lingerie design. A range of bras fitting 32-40, A-E as well as six panties XS-XXL along with pajamas, gowns, chemises and accessories create a broad offer of … Read More

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