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Did you know that the most wedding engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas? It is a goldmine for retailers whose port of call is lingerie. The fact that this is already gift giving season, the acceleration of bridal intimates makes this category a no brainer. I remember a Bloomingdale’s buyer telling me several years ago, that this opportunity was a definite focus for her. This is why I am so pleased to have been contacted by NK iMode as they resurfaced with an entirely new business model for their loyal clientele and the buyers who have sorely missed them in the wholesale market. Decamping from the traditional showroom and trade show business model, they have created two robust digital sites, one for consumers and another for buyers to showcase their merchandise. Long recognized for their beautifully executed sleep and loungewear available for sizes (charming XS to … ...Read more


Sometimes love affairs don’t work out. It’s not necessarily from a lack of wanting, but logistics interfere and the relationship dissipates. So what could be more romantic than a reclaiming of a partnership that neither party really wanted to end. It makes for a perfect union. Put to the test of time, the marriage is meant to be.  Thus is the case with the NK iMode brand. Disappearing for several markets and leaving many aficionados in distress, they are back now offering their best bodies to the Lingerie Bridal market (and more). I was particularly pleased to see the iconic Morgan collection back in town as alluring as ever. Adding to the wedding party the ethereal Charade Heirloom group and Rebecca Flirty intimates, all designed in silk and silk georgette worthy of any elegant bride.



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Holiday Luxury ~ NK iMode

[lightbox color=”#000000″ type=”image” title=”” link=””][/lightbox]When my children were young, the holiday season was a time for excess.  Although I tried not to pamper them with material things, this was one time of the year when I over did it. I wanted to nurture the joy of anticipation experienced from giving much and receiving plenty.  To augment this encounter, we made sure that not one single package was in sight prior to Christmas morning.  We wanted to create the magic excited by the many possibilities proffered from the bounty beneath the tree. Unbeknownst to them, was the extraordinary effort involved to achieve this fantasy.  Working 6 days a week from Thanksgiving to Dec 25 in a department store did not afford me an abundance of preparation time.  Figuring out what to buy different personalities with separate tastes when I didn’t have a moment to spare was a mega challenge.

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