Shape Your Destiny

IMG00480-20100502-1659I had never seen the Grand Canyon except from the window of an airplane 30, 000 feet in the air.  The majesty of this view was so extraordinary that I could only imagine what standing right on the rim would offer.  It was a major objective to our Southwest quest.  Traveling there was a challenge as we confronted an early spring snowstorm for which we were quite unprepared.  Naive New Yorkers that we are, we assumed that Arizona meant warm.  After a quick stop in Flagstaff to fortify my wardrobe we were determined to get there, despite warnings of fog, wind and cold.   We were not disappointed.  The weather only amplified the immensity of this sight.  Both sun and clouds parlayed for position in this 20 mile wide gorge, but there was enough room for both as the view evolved in the changing light.  Panoramic rock walls, painted with 1000 … ...Read more

Be A Pioneer

Karen-Dupr--Route-66-97539Traveling along Interstate 40 from Sedona to Albuquerque,   we stopped in the tiny town of Winslow, Arizona for breakfast.   Dry, barren of vegetation and slightly depressed, this enclave was located off the highway on the old Route 66, once known as the Main Street of America.   Void of traffic, the town seemed deprived of opportunity and store fronts were vacant.   It struck me how the super highway that had been built to ease my journey from Arizona to New Mexico had obliterated an American Icon, once bustling with business and entrepreneurial spirit.  This message was driven home in Cantinas in Los Cabos where I met relocated Americans, in Flagstaff while chatting with the manager at the Weatherford Hotel, in Taos at a B&B breakfast table where I was joined by travellers from Minnesota, in a Santa Fe Art Gallery where the owner lamented on the loss of the individual “mom … ...Read more

Everyday Luxury

IMG00373-20100427-1250Last week my husband and I embarked on a road trip to the California Baha Sur in Mexico and the Southwest USA.  Given the gift of time, a result of unexpected life’s circumstances, we decided to explore some locales that despite extensive travel throughout my life, even I had never visited.  After 10 days in Cabo San Jose and La Paz, we are flying this morning to Arizona, specifically Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Mexico is an extraordinary place, but more about that later.  On to the more practical side of life.  Preparing for a 3 week expedition required some serious planning, at least on my part.  My husband managed to pack his suitcase in five minutes, his entire inventory tucked neatly into the equivalent space of a carry on bag.  I, on the other hand, managed to fill not only my full size valise, but the remainder of his … ...Read more

Mother’s Day

roses2-0010_RT8-600aMy mother has been gone now many years, but before she left she bequeathed me an extraordinary life lesson.  She taught me that to be respected,   one must possess the gift of curiosity and compassion.   Truly one of the classiest woman I have ever known, my mother taught me that true beauty was in understatement and the ability to notice the quiet elegance visible in simple details.  Every Mother’s Day, I would give her a single rose in lieu of a lavish bouquet.  She always told me that this was the best way to recognize the true power in this flower.  She said; pay attention to the individual petals and the way that their soft, silky surfaces embrace to form a perfect union.  A rose blossom is not unlike a mother and her child, bound together until the bud is ready to burst open.  This delicate harmony suggests a true … ...Read more

Sleep With Yours Dreams


Some of the members of my clan are just a little bit dachshund obsessed.  It’s a legacy passed down through the females in my family over the past three generations.  I grew up with these rambunctious, impish, wiener dogs whose curious and feisty personalities and funky body shape have been humorous fodder for a plethora of teasing ( mostly by the men in our lives).    There has been Slinky, Sam, Ripples, Rocky, Bear, Libby and Elvis.  These mischievous little hounds are hunters at heart, exploring possibilities that inevitably get them in trouble.  Their rambunctious, bold demeanors are offset by goofy, loving behavior that endears them to their owners and inevitably results in total human manipulation.  I admit that my daughter and I are hot dog groupies, but no one is quite as possessed as my sister, Beth.  She rescues them from damaged environments, currently providing foster care to six pups, … ...Read more

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