Apilat Bridal fashion and Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It has been nearly three years since I first featured Ukrainian brand Apilat here in the Gallery, and quite frankly, after you see what they’ve been up to, you will agree that was far too long to wait.

You likely know by now that I am easily swayed by ostrich feathers and shimmering fabrics, and the way Apilat utilizes these materials with such sophistication and elegance is simply breath-taking.

Primarily founded as a wedding dress label in 2012, you can identify a heavy bridal influence in all of their lingerie and loungewear designs. … ...Read more


Guluv anti-viral hand protectors using special coronavirus protection treatment as featured on Lingerie Briefs

They may not be the typical boudoir gloves I might normally feature in a Lingerie blog, but when it comes to pro-active thinking in the time of Coronavirus, the story behind the hand protectors just launched from is at the top of my list. A few weeks ago, in conversation with lingerie colleague Tina Wilson, who, among a few other lingerie industry responsibilities, is the Creative Director for Hue brands, I learned of an innovative initiative birthed in early March at a company brainstorming meeting.… ...Read more


Bedhead of Pot of Gold Pajamas in stretch organic cotton jersey as featured on Lingerie Briefs

We’re all adjusting to this strange new world we live in for the foreseeable future. Life has blended into one long blur of working from home, wearing stretchy pants and worrying about whether we can find the groceries we need at the store. We’re all wondering what happens when we run out of toilet paper. It’s a terrifying new world out there. Inside, it’s a family affair and Bedhead Pajamas are a perfect #StayatHome wardrobe solution.

I’ve been a big personal fan of Bedhead Pajamas for years and have purchased many pairs from them.… ...Read more

Magnolia blooming in Stamford, Ct as featured o Lingerie Briefs

For the past 4 weeks, my only escape from confinement has been a long walk through my neighborhood watching the slow blooming of spring flowers. It’s a very different perspective to view our surroundings up front and personal in contrast to a normal drive by glimpse. The seasonal evolution doesn’t stop and nature is a mitigating vision during this difficult time. Everyday, I walk past this magnolia tree whose emerging pink buds stand in vivid contrast to the stucco home they frame.… ...Read more

By ELLEN LEWISUrban MuuMuu long lounger as featured on Lingerie BriefsI was a comfort junkie long before the Coronavirus changed our wardrobe requirements.

While working at home on my computer, I realized that, perhaps, I should share the fact that I’ve been literary living in my Urban MuuMuu loungers. I own two: one long and one short. I must admit that they are several years old. But they are just as colorful, soft, and nurturing as the day I first wore them. Recently, they have taken on a life of their own, rotating between the washing machine and my daily attire.… ...Read more

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Lingerie Briefs Special offer to retail storesLingerie Briefs reaches over 300,000 monthly readers, followers and subscribers on our blog and social media. As a result, we have the unique opportunity to offer our on-line listing services to the Intimate Apparel Community. We will post on Instagram highlighting your on-line store including any link you request. We will also include you on our new on-line shopping link page.

Simply contact us at or through Instagram @lingeriebriefs_. … ...Read more


Kilo Brava Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Given that “Tiger King” is the show entertaining the nation right now, it’s perfect (prrrfect) timing that we feature the brand Kilo Brava, whose headquarters is a handful of miles far from the infamous Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue center AND their current loungewear collection features an original tiger print!  Clearly someone was channeling what was going to be big in 2020 (and really, who could have guessed).

Kilo Brava is a lingerie and loungewear brand based in Tampa, Florida created by Kristin Bear, the former head of design at Cosabella.… ...Read more

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