Elomi Morgan Midnight Garden bra and brief as seen on Lingerie Briefs

I was lucky enough to encounter two versions of the Elomi Morgan recently, which really gave me a whole new perspective on the depth of the Morgan line. The first was the continuity version in Toasted Almond, which I was fitted into at a local boutique when I went in asking for a new beige bra that was pretty rather than practical. The second was at home, when I was sent the latest fashion version in Midnight Garden to try on. Strangely, I’d gone from never having tried on a Morgan to getting extremely familiar with it in a week!

It’s notable that I truly believe that if you put the Midnight Garden version and the Toasted Almond version next to each other and asked an average lingerie consumer what they thought, they wouldn’t know they were the same bra. The fit and feel are classic Elomi, … ...Read more


Fleur of England Wilderness boudoir bra and brief

Writing this post about the A/W18 Wilderness collection from Fleur of England seems incredibly timely, considering I just returned from a vacation in New England to experience Fall foliage (being a California native, it’s just not something we experience).  The leaves, the Autumn colors, even the color of the sun on a crisp afternoon this time of year; all of it is captured in this recently-released campaign, photographed in the British woodlands.

If you are a long-time reader of this blog, or a fan of lingerie in general, you are no stranger to the luxury lingerie brand Fleur of England.  Every garment is manufactured in the UK and Europe, and designer Fleur Turner prides herself on impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful details.  One particular detail that can be discovered in the Wilderness collection is a secret bee embroidered into the slate grey ivy plant motif (I’ve spent … ...Read more


Skin silk lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

My move back to Mexico was fairly seamless. In fact, my husband and I both commented on the ease of transition between two very different lifestyles. The pros: well for one, no adjustment curve. The con: the sense of adventure seems to have dissipated. After 6 years, the process has become status quo. I miss the edge that comes with anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, every component of this venue (except water delivery issues) is a welcome respite. Beautiful, serene, and low key, I appreciate the choice we made to make a home here. Maybe I am still in a New York rhythm and all this will fade away in a week or two. But, I could use a new dynamic added to the equation; something to up the charisma quotient of daily life.

Skin silk lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

The segue between New York and Mexico brings me to Skin Lingerie, … ...Read more


Marie JO Bella bridal lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Somehow the lingerie industry, with its often traditional notions of cultural norms, floods the market with bridal lingerie in the spring. That’s why it’s always a perk when I find a line like Marie Jo’s Bella collection that is in stores right now. October is a perfect month for a wedding, at least where I grew up in New York. The weather is predictable and the fall foliage presents a spectacle not easy to duplicate. I took this for granted until I moved to Mexico to which I generally return early each October for several months. Now I get why people make trips to Northeast in the fall. My colleague, Alison, recently flew to New England from LA, just for a viewing. The seasonal transition; the trees exploding in color and the soft white light that precedes the turning of time is a perfect backdrop for … ...Read more

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie Rosario collection featured on Lingerie Briefs

Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Merhant of Venice”, Helen Sanchez channels Portia to design the Rosado silk collection for Fall 19. Draped in luxurious 19 mummy silk and detailed with exquisite lace, these pieces transform a woman’s body into a sensual landscape.  Hand crafted in New York City under the watchful eye of the designer herself, each piece is is created with a couture like approach. Worn inside the boudoir or out for an elegant evening soirée, every element is worthy of Helen’s credo “Slip in and out of identities”

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie Rosario collection featured on Lingerie Briefs

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie Rosario collection featured on Lingerie Briefs...Read more

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