“The customer is always right”. This slogan has been the driving force behind good retailing since commerce began. Back in the 70’s, at the onset of my career with Federated Department stores, it meant, primarily, take back anything the customer tries to return, no matter how noxious. Today, responding to the customer, requires a much greater focus, a deep dive into analytics that scan the globe for validation. This is the lifeblood of The NPD Group, who hunt and gather consumer purchasing statistics to help the industry clarify customer desire.… ...Read more


Maygel Coronel Colombian swimwear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

If it wasn’t already obvious, I have a tendency to feature swimwear brands that are more fashion than function (as in, you’re not going to enter any swimming competitions in the brands I feature), but that’s not to say a brand cannot accomplish both. Colombian brand Maygel Coronel clearly captures the fashion element, but it’s just as functional when it comes to fit, its ability to crossover from swim to ready-to-wear, and its undeniable ability to make a poolside statement.… ...Read more


Annette International as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The energy that is uniting like-minded humans over miles of land and sea, in the pursuit of common goals, is palpable.

Sharon Singer’s passionate story about the creation and evolution of Annette International grabbed my imagination and glued my ear to the phone. In an instant, the distance between California and New York City had disappeared.

“While developing our collections, we always give more to women in innovative fabrications, functionality, and design. We believe that women are increasingly conscious of their health....Read more

By Ellen Lewis

Timing is everything and so, even though I have been “chomping at the bit” to feature the Maison Lejaby Joli Coton collection ever since I saw it, I had to respectably wait. Obviously, the events of the past few months have halted any cruise, beach, or other vacation plans.

Maison Lejaby Joli Coton demi bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

But now summer is officially here.  And Jolie Coton, a range of pure white cotton bras and panties that easily cross over to outdoor wear, is a perfect game changer.… ...Read more


Tina Wilson Illustrates Nubian Skin, black owned lingerie company, featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Protest, Prayer and Peace” that was the theme for the songs being played on my favorite radio station WBGO,  in the midst of the nationwide protests against brutality. With each song they played I felt prouder, angrier, happier, and yes….sadder. You don’t have to be Black in America to be going through so many different emotions, we all are. But if you are Black, the stakes are different, period.

In the scheme of things, fashion and anything connected to consumption other than food seems a bit trivial, but what is not trivial is that we all need to make a living, we all need to support our families and our communities.… ...Read more

Pour Moi Then and Now


Pour Moi Swimwear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Pour Moi was one of the first brands I ever tried in my early 20’s when I started looking for better bras. I had pretty much no idea what my size really was, but I knew it was outside of what any “normal” store carried. Pour Moi bras not only helped me find my size but were attractive enough to make me feel like I could wear the same kinds of lingerie that all my less curvy friends did.… ...Read more

By Holly Jackson

Behave Bras bralette with Stayz sleep support system for large busted women as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s impossible not to be charmed by Athena Kasvikis, the owner of Behave Bras. She’s fun, opinionated and totally invested in the idea that everyone is the proud owner of an amazing body that is worthy of support. It’s hard to believe that this bold woman would start a bra company with the word ‘behave’ in the title, but Athena has thoughts on that too. After all, every owner of a pair of awesome breasts has also encountered a time where they wished they didn’t have to think about them quite so much.… ...Read more

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