the Nylon Swish vintage shapewear and robes for Curvy Women as seen on Lingerie Briefs

The lingerie world hasn’t always traditionally been friendly towards larger sizes or curvier customers, but if any part of it seemed even more determined to stick with the status quo it was the shapewear market. Shapewear in the past has been a traditional product: it comes in three colors (white, black and beige) and performs one basic purpose (smoothing and slimming). Predictably, it took a gang of younger women to shake things up.

the Nylon Swish vintage shapewear and robes for Curvy Women as seen on Lingerie Briefs

The Nylon Swish isn’t the first business to present a new vision of what vintage inspired shapewear designed by women for women could look like, but it is the first to do that with a focus on curvier customers. What Katie Did and Kiss Me Deadly have been making shapewear for the female gaze for years, but those brands didn’t work if you had curvier thighs or a larger cup size. Elinor, the owner … ...Read more


Kiki de Montparnasse as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I recently decided to visit to do a little Christmas shopping (who are we kidding, I was looking for myself), and discovered the lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse in their ultra-glamorous gift guide.  Being somewhat of a luxury intimates aficionado, I was admittedly surprised that the brand was still around.  For some reason I assumed that when the brick-and-mortar boutiques closed, the entire business did too.  Turns out that their NYC boutique had transitioned into a private atelier (shop by appointment only at this to-be-disclosed location), and that the brand continues to have a solid presence in stores like Barney’s, Shopbop and Net-a-Porter, in addition to their own online boutique.

Whether you know the brand has been in business all along, or whether you’ve never heard of Kiki de Montparnasse, it’s still worth taking a look at what the brand has been up to!  It’s … ...Read more


PJ Salvage sleepshirt on Lingerie Briefs

Today, I have spent more time than I wanted trying to find a way to artfully explain why these styles from P.J. Salvage deserve a call out. I could go into a diatribe about the way this brand uses trendy design detail to create pajama and robe collections worthy of casual street wear. I could focus on the amazing fabrics for which they are renowned. I could discuss their foray into the 24/7 lifestyle product development journey on which they embarked years before it became an Intimate Apparel buzzword. Frankly, there are a slew of metaphors. But I have started and stopped multiple times today writing this piece. Sometimes, it’s best to simply state the facts. P.J. Salvage is just plain fun to look at, to wear, and to give as a gift. Plus, it’s incredibly soft and comfortable. These particular styles entice me because of the … ...Read more

Holiday Lingerie Love


Holiday Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,‘tis the season.  It is the season for us to remember that tolerance is a virtue, no matter who or what you worship, if you worship at all.  I will not attempt to make a logical connection between lingerie and religion. What I will do instead is showcase some beautiful holiday self purchases, gifts and stocking stuffers. There is a lot of beautiful merchandise out there waiting for you and while it is typical to focus on robes and pj sets as they are perfect gifts, I wanted to “dream” a little sexier.

NK iMODE has a lovely enticer with winding back straps in red, be inspired to purchase the Estrella Superstar red silk gown, if no one buys it for you, then buy it for yourself.

Holiday Fashion Illustrations, Taryn Winters, by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

I am a big Taryn Winters fan, her flirty georgette number while sheer could be fantastic worn out … ...Read more


Painting by Sofia Echeverri at the Patricia Mendoza Gallery as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Last week, while breakfasting in the courtyard of The Patricia Mendoza Gallery in San Jose del Cabo, I had another of my Lise Charmel Lingerie revelations. It’s hard to lock down exactly what inspired me. I think it was the lack of commercialism and the aspirational element of serious works by established talent. Perhaps it was the unexpected method of display or the preponderance of blues that seemed to infuse the environment. But of this I am certain, the art displayed here is unique, investment worthy and certainly best suited for a connoisseur of the industry.

Lise Charmel Nuit Elegance demi cup bra on Lingerie Briefs

Purposeful, or simply coincidental: at that moment, I drew a correlation to the beauty and balance of this Lise Charmel’s Nuit Elegance collection. The paintings and sculptures in the studio are as artfully positioned as the elements of design in these exquisite intimates. Shades of sapphire are threaded into magnificent guipure … ...Read more

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