The Knicker panty as featured on Lingerie Brief

When you’re curvy, buying basic panties can be kind of a trial. All pairs of underwear seem to either roll up, roll down, ride up or just bunch up awkardly at in-opportune times. These factors tend to make many curvy women gravitate towards the lowest common denominator: a pair of panties that sort of fits and that is cheap, knowing they will probably toss them in the trash within six months.

The Knicker, while a new brand, represents true excellence in this category. Several of the Lingerie Briefs staff got samples of this brand. We spanned all ages, sizes and tastes – and all of us fell equally head over heels for these budget friendly panties. Part of this is due to the exhaustive research that the brand did when they developed this new line of basics. They conducted more than 1000 interviews about what women hated … ...Read more


Block Island Rhode Island on Lingerie Briefs

There are some of you who might think that my comparison of the Antinéa Lingerie brand to my recent sojourn with my grandson to Block Island is crazy. But believe me, there is a rhyme to my reason. Block Island, situated about an hour’s ferry ride off the coast of Rhode Island, is a repository of familial memories. This tiny enclave is a perfect paragon of my definition of luxury: no pretense, understated and comfortable with unique details that define its character. Houses generations old, not precocious yet remarkably unique embroider a luminous seascape. You might find yourself, beer in hand, chatting with a weathered looking guy in jeans and a flannel shirt and never know that he owns that 50 foot yacht moored at the marina. On Block Island, it’s what you feel but can’t always see; the consistent breeze, the ocean mystique, and the affable … ...Read more


Preview of Marlies Dekkers Spring/ Summer 2019 lingerie campaign on Lingerie Briefs

If these images are any indication of what to expect for lingerie industry at large in 2019, we are in for a treat!  The latest Marlies Dekkers campaign, for Spring/Summer 2019, is delightfully cheeky and presents us with a collection inspired by renowned chef and TV trailblazer Julia Child.   Additionally, the talents of famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth were put to task in order to perfectly capture the playful, erotic femininity of the new designs.

As if that were not enough, one of the featured models is pin-up pro (and one of my absolute favorites) Mosh.  Only the best of the best have come together to present a collection by a designer so many of us have loved for years.  After all, Marlies Dekkers is the pioneer of the strappy bra design.

All of this excitement comes off the heels of the brand celebrating its 25th...Read more


illustration of Aretha Franklin by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

“Gotta Find Me an Angel” …Coffee in hand, attempting to write about “Heavenly Bodies”, radio on, listening to hours of the Queen of Soul, I was pushing back a steady stream of tears. I knew I had to scrap what I had written and let her music take me where I needed to go, Aretha has a way of doing that.

The timing of my choice to blog on the Met Museum exhibit “Heavenly Bodies” and the passing of the woman who helped generations get thru the sorrows and joys of life with her voice does not escape me.

Everyone I know who lives in Detroit, has an Aretha sighting, in the grocery store, in J.L Hudson’s, at the Coney Island, exiting her limo, and my own sighting as a kid looking for the perfect Christmas tree with our Dad, where we found Aretha looking for … ...Read more


Body Armor at the Met in NYC, seen on Lingerie Briefs

A few days ago, while wandering through the Met in NYC, I happened upon the Arms and Armor exhibit and found myself mesmerized. As I have seen it before, I can only attribute my new found interest to the fact that I am currently reading Cervante’s Don Quixote where knights take on a whole other meaning then the historic warrior mantle. It seems quite beyond the realm of reality that anyone could manage any feat of any kind ensconced in all that armature. It reminds me of my attitude about shapewear, a lingerie category that I personally have resisted for its “constraining structure” forever. But, I must admit that this product niche has certainly evolved in the past 10 years. Even die-hard brands have shifted focus from total containment to comfortable control. And thus my interest in Euroskins®, a luxury intimates, shapewear and athleisure brand inspired … ...Read more

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