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NOO, a sustainable brand featured on Lingerie Briefs

NOO is a French brand that specializes in lingerie, swimwear, activewear and ready-to-wear, but for purposes of this Gallery, we’re focusing on the intimate(s) side of their business.

In keeping with the theme of sustainability (a new blog category we recently launched at Lingerie Briefs), sharing the story of NOO is something we had to say YES to!  Co-founded by two young women, Anaïs and Elissa, NOO is a company that has a very clear commitment to sustainable fashion.  Most of their materials are re-used (sometimes you’ll see fabrics from older collections show up), many of their lingerie fabrics are produced from recycled fibers, while some of their swimwear ranges are made from 100% green Eco-Wave fabric (made from waste recovered from the Mediterranean).  Even their ready-to-wear pieces are made from a fiber of biodegradable vegetable origin!  There’s actually considerably more to share about their eco-friendly practices (their packaging is made from bioplastics), which we encourage you to visit their website to discover the full scope of their commitment to the environment.… ...Read more


photo by Ellen Lewis for Lingerie BriefsToday, Lingerie Briefs is launching a Sustainability column featuring brands and retailers who get the message and are focusing on finding solutions. Our intent is to recognize efforts being made within the Intimate Apparel industry to confront this cataclysm that threatens our planet. In this pursuit, it is clear education is the key. On a personal level, although I was raised with respect for my environment, I was completely ignorant of the impact of me or my ancestor’s behavior on our futurephoto of whale watching by Ellen Lewis for Lingerie BriefsI have been curating information from a plethora of sources, mostly dedicated to the entire Apparel industry. The statistics emanating from organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation are startling: for example, annually,over 80% of clothing is dumped or incinerated causing the release of methane or other greenhouse gases. That’s one garbage truck full per second. In contrast, 80% of a car can be recycled.… ...Read more


K+1% Period panties as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Period panties are one of those things that don’t come up much when discussing fashionable lingerie – for good reasons! While I love that they exist and am a big believer in the tech behind them, the best you can say about most of them in terms of visual design is that they look like a regular pair of black cotton panties. K + 1% was part of the recent Curve NYC show and has forever changed my mind about what period panties can look and feel like.

K+1% Period panties as featured on Lingerie Briefs

When I approached the K + 1% booth what I immediately noticed was their stylish designs, fun use of cutouts and luxe use of velvet materials. It actually took my companion pointing out the sign that talked about period panties before I realized what the brand really specialized in! This small brand based in Japan is perfectly Instagrammable and out to change the look of period panties forever.… ...Read more


Skin sustainable lingerie as featured on Lingerie BriefsSkin

Much of what we saw at Curve Expo in New York replicates trends shown in Paris. But the dichotomy of emphasis between the USA and Paris shows indicate clear differences in the cultural priorities that guide these markets. However, one emphasis that proved universal is sustainability. Without exception this topic dominated both venues and brands that are taking the cause to heart found traction from buyers. Sustainability has a multi-faceted profile. (More about this topic next week). Suffice it to say that elements of this issue surfaced constantly.

Soak sustainable lingerie wash as featured on Lingerie BriefsSoak

Beyond this critical topic, brands displaying in the USA, whether USA or European based are represented on this post for their grasp of the American consumer’s preferences in Lingerie. The North American market focuses much more intently on functional, comfortable essentials as a preference to a fashion, frothy, fun intimates.… ...Read more


Crème Shanghai lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Crème is a specialty lingerie brand based in Shanghai founded by designer Miya “Crème” Su.   If you detect a strong French influence in Su’s work (particularly if you explore her work from past seasons), then you won’t be surprised to learn that she lived in France for a period of time and clearly absorbed the French attitude toward women and their appreciation for beautiful intimates.

Many of the items shown here are from the current AW19 Portrait collection, which features pieces made from stretch tulle with loosely drawn embroidered portrait patterns.

The bralette shape is at the heart of this brand, along with coordinating briefs and a small selection of loungewear.  The Portrait collection, with its cap-sleeve bustier, appears to be the brand’s first foray into an underwire style. This may be an indicator for an expansion of styles and sizes in the seasons to come!… ...Read more

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