By ESTELLE PULESTONVALNUE Lingerie featured on Lingerie BriefsBeyza Kirilmaz and Ipek Ustay, the former a graduate in fashion design and the latter in art history, founded Turkish brand VALNUE earlier this year after discovering a shared frustration with the lingerie industry. Although they both loved the idea of styling intimates into their outerwear looks, the lingerie they could find around them was typically either too revealing to make it work, or too basic to … Read More

Montelle fashion Surf and Mint bras featured on Lingerie BriefsAmong the vast spectrum of hues, blues and greens stand out as perennial favorites worldwide. When these two beloved colors converge, they give rise to the enchanting color of teal. Montelle has declared their version of this rich, Moroccan teal color: SURF.  This bold shade along with mint lace accents make for a gorgeous fashion fusion!Montelle Pure Plus Full Coverage Bra featured on Lingerie BriefsPure Plus Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra is stunning in the new Surf with … Read More

By ELLEN LEWISSplash Swimwear from Forever Care as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Splash® Swimwear Wash is definitely on my packing list when I return to Mexico next October. I lament the fact that I forgot to bring it with me this past Spring. Here in Los Cabos, swimwear is prevalent. I am in a pool several times a week, not to mention ocean dips. My bathing suits have suffered. I have been hand washing them in the sink with … Read More

BY DANA DONOFREEBreast Health column on Lingerie Briefs by Dana Donofree, CEO of AnaOno

In today’s world, conversations around breast health often revolve solely around detection and treatment of breast cancer. While awareness about breast cancer is crucial, we need to broaden our understanding of breast health and its significance in overall well-being. Hi, I am Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno and a breast cancer survivor, I believe it’s time to shed light on the holistic aspect of breast health and … Read More

By ELLEN LEWISEnvole En Fleurs from Lise Charmel including creative development process as featured on Lingerie Briefs

What does the word luxury really mean? This challenge was presented to me recently and so, I am picking up the gauntlet and focusing on the Lise Charmel brand and what separates their definition of luxury from other lingerie lines. In the fashion world, this concept is clarified by the difference between Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture. Lise Charmel is Haute Lingerie. (Check our March Spotlight, Lise Charmel Read More

Shadowline Silhouette Lace Vintage Babydoll Nightie featured on Lingerie BriefsSylvia Pedlar 1940s BabydollLingerie designer Sylvia Pedlar created the first shorty nightgown in 1942, known as the Babydoll. It was a practical response to the fabric shortage during World War II. The pretty and feminine sleepwear style reflected the resourcefulness of women during a time of scarcity. The Babydoll gained further popularity after the release of the 1956 hit movie “Baby Doll,” which catapulted it into the realm of pop culture. Since then, … Read More

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