Van Gogh Immersion image as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Passion and Color. That was the theme of my senior thesis on Vincent Van Gogh as an Art History major in college. Specifically, I was mesmerized by the irreverent brushstrokes, the deep shadows through which yellow exploded from the canvas.  Was it hope buried in his furied mind? Impoverished and rejected in his lifetime, today Van Gogh is revered for his work. For me, the love affair with his paintings and his story has reverberated throughout the years since I discovered his genius.… Read More


Love & Swans Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

If you like your lingerie bold, fun, and with extra sparkle, then Love & Swans is a name you need to know. This independent Russian brand launched in February last year; this year, co-founder Maria was invited to feature in the 30 Under 30: Fashion list by Forbes Russia. This is a lingerie designer who’s going places!

Love & Swans Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Love & Swans is quite unlike any other lingerie brand I’ve seen before. Its focus is on heavily-embroidered embellishment – and I do mean heavily! First, their signature sheer mesh is embroidered with a wide array of detailed, often multi-color motifs.… Read More

Rosa Faia Twin Wireless Soft Bra in new Rosewood - featured on Lingerie BriefsRosewood color addition is a perfect, pretty summer shade that complements the current palette of the Rosa Faia Twin Series.

Best selling collection for 20 years, all styles in the Twin series provide a unique perfect fit for any body shape combined with feel-good comfort from the soft stretch fabric. The Twin bras feel like a second skin and are virtually invisible, even underneath form fitting clothing. The subtle sheen of the silky, breathable fabric guarantees a smooth effect.

Rosa Faia Twin Wireless Soft Bra in Rosewood for AW21 - featured on Lingerie BriefsTwin Wireless Soft Bra

The pre-shaped cups on both the Wireless Soft Bra (5493) and Underwire Bra (5490) styles are double-layered and enhance the comfortable fit with the combination of extra-soft, wide straps, which run gently over the shoulders and don’t slip down due to their stretch and center positioning at the back.… Read More

Almost Braless

By LINDA DYETTAlmost Braless - Linda Dyett, photo - Sara Messinger NYTimes featured on Lingerie BriefsI live in the East Village—notorious for its (fantastic) restaurants, its quirky little retail businesses (a goodly number of which, including Azeleas, the lingerie shop, have survived the shutdown), and the hordes of NYU, Cooper Union, St. John’s, and New School students, as well as the oddball artists, designers, and freelancers who occupy the neighborhood. This area, like Bushwick and Williamsburg, is something of a style bellwether. So when I began noticing dozens of girls and women walking around braless beneath their slip dresses (accessorized with Doc Martens boots), their cropped T-shirts inside baggy overalls, and their oversize vintage dresses, I recognized it as a trend.… Read More


Eco-Responsible Iluna Lace & Hosiery as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Based in Cuggiono, Italy, the Iluna Group has been a beacon of innovation and the first lace and hosiery manufacturer to implement the latest triumphs of technology and material science. Iluna’s continuous progress in efficiency, eco-responsibility, aesthetics, and quality has won the company the attention and recognition of the intimate apparel community.

Eco-Responsible Iluna Lace & Hosiery as featured on Lingerie BriefsRegister printing with GOTS certification 

On July 6, 2021, at the Milano Unica fair, Iluna debuts the newest yarn, GRS certified and developed with 50% pre-consumer waste materials, which is now available in translucent and shiny form.Read More


Royce High Impact Wirefree Aerocool Sports Bra to a K cup as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I just returned from my home in Cabo San Lucas where I horseback ride practically every day. It’s not easy doing high impact sports as a larger breasted woman. I am a G cup and luckily, in the past several years, I have had options. But I remember when this wasn’t reality and I struggled to participate in certain activities. That’s why I can relate to the problem for K cup girls (English sizing). By the way, that’s an O cup in the USA!… Read More


Pure Chemistry Roshni Yellow bridal collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

British brand Pure Chemistrys latest launch is the third instalment in their luxury Asian bridal range. Titled ‘Roshni’, which means light and brightness, it’s a sun-kissed yellow collection to complement their earlier releases in the traditional bridal colors of red and pink.

Pure Chemistry Roshni Yellow bridal collection as featured on Lingerie BriefsPure Chemistry was founded in 2014 in the UK by Dimple Rani. With the wedding lingerie that’s sold in stores there and in the US focusing almost exclusively on a typical Western color palette of white, ivory and pale blue, Rani believes there is a clear gap in the market.… Read More

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