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Intimate Insider News

By Moira Nelson

Last Friday was a traumatic day here in New York City.  The shooting near the Empire State Building occurred in the unofficial Intimate Apparel district.  Most lingerie brands and manufacturers have showrooms and offices within a block of New York’s most iconic skyscraper.  I had stepped out of the Starbucks on the corner of 33rd & 5th only minutes before the first shots were fired.  And several minutes after the … Read More

Intimate Insider News

By Moira Nelson

Last week was a helluva week for me.  I was supposed to fly to Milwaukee for an appointment on Tuesday- in and out in one day.  However, due to flight delays and cancelled flights, I ended up stuck in Milwaukee through Thursday (why couldn’t I get stuck in a city like Paris or Rome???)  After finally returning to the East Coast, I decided I needed a little R&R.  I went down the … Read More

By Luis Paredes

Angela Friedman is a New York based lingerie designer specializing in corsets and silk intimates. Her new Versailles Collection is a vintage-inspired lingerie line, featuring intricate Baroque detailing and a delicate, muted color palette. This line emphasizes beauty and indulgence, and its hourglass silhouettes and draped silks are designed to make women feel as alluring as they look. The line features steel-boned corsets, bias-cut slips and robes, and lace bra and panty … Read More

The post-baby body has become the ultimate celebrity status symbol

It’s hard not to feel sympathy for poor Jessica Simpson. The singer/fashion brand/reality TV star is accustomed to being picked on by the tabloid press, but these days she is getting the kind of attention that should make women around the world shudder.

Jessica’s offense? Emerging from her first pregnancy with something other than the kind of sleek, toned, ripple-free physique that we’ve come … Read More

By Elisabeth Dale 

Doctors want you to know that the size of a young girl’s breasts can impact her wellbeing. That’s why they conducted a survey of female adolescents, asking them how bigger busts play a part in overall physical and mental health.  Researchers sought to measure the significance of , or “abnormally large” breasts. They found that this condition takes a toll on young girls, be it from shoulder pain, unwanted attention, increased … Read More

The past few weeks have been particularly challenging for me.  I won’t bore you with the unpleasant details.  But, I will share that circumstances have required long days of travel, living out of suitcases, multi-tasking while enduring more than the norm of stress and generally not being very focused on myself or my attire.  During this time, I’ve been truly thankful for my Montelle Absolute Plus bra. It’s been a godsend of comfort, support and … Read More

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