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Curvexpo Wrap ~ Part 2


Trade shows are an opportunity to go beyond the obvious margin must haves and uncover new direction in the market.  For me, the discovery of a new idea; be it marketing, merchandising or design is inspirational.  Sometimes it’s must see lines mentioned to me by a buyer. Other times it’s a great product presentation that catches my eye.  Often it’s just chance.  I found some interesting brands at Curve, not necessarily new, but new to me. I am sure I missed a few, but like I said, sometimes it’s just luck.


Skinware: A Japanese brand with a hefty price tag. But their finger on the all-important leisure trend coupled with their commitment to the environment places them squarely on the millennial pulse. Completely green,  every garment is 100% organic. Constructed with BioRe and Swiss cotton, dyed with botanical dyes and NOC green certified, the design aesthetic is very clean.… ...Read more

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