Conscious Business in Action

April 7, 2012

by Jacalyn Bennett

How to Capture the Minds and Hearts of People by Promoting Beauty through Lingerie

I Embrace the view…of educating our American Women into a healthier way of viewing themselves. We together

As a team, united by the wonderful ideals and reality of how we live on and with our Planet and with our fellow Beings…as a project of healing…That we could undertake together…..what makes people happy day to day .

…..what an amazing message we could deliver….

When Women are kind to and happy with themselves ….they are kind to those around them…when they are kind to those around them, the people are kind in return.

When Women Receive kindness from others…they feel Good about themselves hence my favorite…term. . . . . .
“The Circle of Loving Kindness”

Our business focus is to provide jobs to as many people as we possibly can.  The heart of our purpose is to do things for the highest good of all beings.

Bennett and Company’s Unified Mission and goals of Doing all Things
for the Highest Good of All Beings….

People don’t hurt each other when they are happy and feel good about themselves and others.


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