Ripped Tights Are OUT! Finally.

September 6, 2012

By Cristina Casciano-King

The Ripped Tight Trend-is it over yet?

With Lady Like Lux coming into vogue this fall, has the ripped tights trend finally founds its proper place on the trash heap of tights also ran? The past few season pre-ripped tights have been seen in various collections from Jonathan Aston to Pretty Polly and of course Leg Avenue. This trend could be easily maintained without even looking for the major brands.

Often when I would see people prancing around in this style, I would be compelled to hand them a card and tell them to come by my shop. Then when the big brands started manufacturing their “seamed” to be no end in sight for this trashy style.

I like how this look adds a bit of sparkle to class up the ripped look.

Now with the lady like backseams and simple patterns coming into the stores, will these girls who donned the sloppy look suddenly be lured to more demur looks and sophisticated styles, I kind of hope so, Ripped RIP?







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Cristina Casciano-King

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