The Cat’s Meow ~ Knickerocker

June 9, 2013

By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flashback – Frisky feline’sknickerocker-kitty-vintage-jumpsuit

Flashforward: Knickerocker’s adorable applique cat face bodysuit doesn’t initially strike you as something vintage inspired but more anime and cartoon with its blue-haired styling. Like my previous post on Schiaparelli highlighted, the use of trompe l’oeil to create false forms on the surface of designs has been around for a while and merely awaits a modern take to bring it into modern day.

Flashback:  I came across this adorable vintage cat faced jumper/swimsuit on pinterest and although I can’t seem to source its origin have no doubt that novelty items like this exist in archives of vintage houses awaiting forward thinking designers’ reinterpretation.



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