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September 4, 2013

Mad About Structure

By Tomima Edmark
I’m a big fan of the series Mad Men. The plots never fail to draw me in, and I couldn’t love the authentic look and feel of the sets more. I most look forward to seeing what the show’s women are wearing. The time period’s fashion staples – pencil skirts, snug sweaters, capri pants and dresses that nip in the waist – are meticulously recreated, right down to the garments worn under them.triumph-elasti-1963-gir

Those curve-flattering styles and flawlessly smooth finishes wouldn’t have been possible without highly-structured, near industrial-strength shapewear. We can take a cue from the Mad Men ladies to achieve the same gorgeous silhouettes.

The best modern-day shapewear looks a lot like what women wore during the 50s and 60s. Fortunately for us, they’re worlds away in terms of comfort. New … Read more

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