Elegant Dots and Embroidery ~ Lou’s Petillante Bra

April 16, 2014

 Petillante’s tulip shape full cup bra by LOU

Petillante’s tulip shape full cup bra by LOU provides a beautifully round silhouette while positioning the bust forward with the perfect amount of support . A hint of transparency along the top adds a bit of fun and a flirty flair.


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Tess Mangiardi

Tess Mangiardi is a 19-year old college student living alone in New York City. As a Literary Studies-Writing major at Eugene Lang the New School for Liberal Arts, she is attempting to take as big of a bite out of the Big Apple as she can. When not going to class or working part time as a snarky barista at Starbucks, Tess also handles social media and PR for a few small companies in the city.
Focusing on the challenges of being a young girl trying to make it alone in a big city, she will explore the idea of loving your body and accomplishing your dreams all within a college student’s budget.