Vintage Inspired Light Shapers ~ Chantelle

January 4, 2015

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Not all shapewear are created equal, and Chantelle steps up the game with the new Shape Light Brief. With its design inspired by a vintage Chantelle girdle from the 1920’s, the Shape Light Brief offers Medium control, and uses the best of shapewear innovation to comfortably streamline the silhouette while creating flattering curves. Its ultra light knit fabric with tulle insets set off the figure, and lays ultra flat for a seamless finish.


The Shape Light Brief comes in two verstaile shapes: the Full Brief, offers a medium-rise and a flat stomach effect, while the High Waist Brief offers an ultra high-rise that rests just under the bust, creating a refined and smooth waistline. What’s more, its art deco stitch detail on the front panel is the ultimate in Parisian chic.


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Since 1876, Chantelle has developed an exceptional know-how. The craft, expertise and ‘secret’ are passed on from generation to generation of seamstresses throughout the years. This offers women everyday underwear made of rich fabrics and with the most precise fit, similar to a Couture design.

Since the beginning of the 60s, the international expansion has been the heart of the brand’s development. It enabled Chantelle to become the world leader in French lingerie with its products in the most beautiful stores around the globe.

Parisian, bold, spontaneous… the French Allure cannot be explained. It is shown in a gesture, a look, a posture, and in that very French ‘je ne sais quoi’ way, which elevates women to the sublime.
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Since 1988, Passionata has been designing irresistible lingerie collections for women. Every day, Passionata shares with them a love for lively lingerie and a certain appeite for life.
Passionata is aimed at modern, playful, self-confident, sexy, passionate women with a mischievous attitude and a vibrant body…With that little twist that they have and others don’t! They love life and see it as a beautiful apple to bite into enthusiastically.
Taste, enjoy, shine, play and sparkle…That’s why we love you, Passionistas!