What Frames YOUR Vision Of Success?

May 7, 2015



What does this sign mean to you? For most, the association is immediate and easy – this silhouette indicates a woman’s bathroom.

But why?

It’s only because that’s the experience you’ve had with the image in the past. Yet one small tweak and you can envision something different. And greater. Small shifts can make a huge impact on how you see the world, and the opportunities in it.

In business, when you only see what’s come before, you’re limited by the experience of the past. You have an opportunity to think bigger by seeing the same landscape in a new way.

Some people call it vision. Certainly, truly visionary business leaders can see the world through a frame that’s totally new – think of Steve Jobs’ contributions to modern personal technology.

The thing is, vision can be both an opportunity and a limiting belief. Your business success cannot exceed your vision. If you believe you will only make a certain amount of money or achieve a particular outcome, it’s virtually guaranteed you will get exactly that result.

Your vision frames your belief, and your focus frames your outcome.


What I love about the It Was Never A Dress meme is that it takes something mundane and elevates it. A bathroom sign becomes a super hero. A daily biology becomes into an icon representing something aspirational.

As women, we have an opportunity to choose how we see the world – our businesses, our bodies, and even our bathrooms.

Women are limited only by a willingness to limit themselves, and conversely, women have the ability to reframe their vision for something greater – just as this campaign illustrates.


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