Lise Charmel Luxury French Lingerie

January 12, 2017

When it comes to luxury lingerie, no brand defines “Savoir Faire” quite like the French fashion house, Lise Charmel. Renowned for their state-of-the-art design studio, this trend setter produces 24 separate fashion groups per year. Using combinations of the world’s finest fabrics, laces, embroideries, and guipure trims, the styles created in the Lise Charmel atelier are cherished for their unparalleled beauty, fit, and sensual allure.


Lise Charmel’s singular savoir-faire in designing guipure styles. Collection Ajourage Petale features stunning foliage design totally in line with 2016 graphic trends: legibility, precision, a vision of nature with rich, delicate lines.
~ Shiny threads on-trend for 2016
The guipure-effect embroidery is executed on a “tattoo” tulle to enable a maximum amount of transparency . Despite its fineness, this tulle remains resistant and very soft when worn. Tight, dense stitching brings substance to the motifs. This guipure is calendered to bring up the delicate sheen.


Inspired by the radiant LIGHT ON THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA, Collection Danse Des Lianes is made of extremely soft guipure and little flowers embroideries delicately position to better underline the guipure.


Throughout Lise Charmel’s design history, the brand has excelled on all types of silk corsetry and lingerie. Collection Gamour Soir features luxurious styles with attractive, ingenious combinations of silk and Leavers lace or silk and embroidery, etc A colour range at the heart of trends.
~ Very contemporary, stylised embroidery with design-inspired motifs.
~ Laser-cutting technology.

With its spirit of haute couture, LISE CHARMEL has become a by-word
for luxury French lingerie throughout the world.



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Lise Charmel was created in France in the 1950s. As a reference signature of luxury lingerie, Lise Charmel enhances the beauty of women. A singular story in an exceptional expertise made by craft, innovation and art.
Renewal, wonder of creation every season, Lise Charmel has become the standard of couture throughout the world French lingerie. The company Lise Charmel was born in the 50s, and was revived in 1975 by Mr. Jacques Daumal. He revitalized the brand with fashion and trends, a constant concern for innovation and the integration of advanced technologies in lingerie. A communication strategy relied on the value of our products, a original set of beauty for a feminine, elegant woman. It enabled the brand Lise Charmel to enjoy today a leading position in the world of ladies underwear.
With its spirit of haute couture, it has become a by-word for luxury French lingerie throughout the world.
Today Lise Charmel positions itself as a group comprised of 5 brand names: LISE CHARMEL, EPRISE, EPURE, ANTINEA and ANTIGEL.