A Cabo Wedding ~ NK iMode

June 13, 2017

Georgina Ivory bridal slip from NKiMode on Lingerie Briefs

I’m leaving Mexico this week, returning to NY, my kids and the market. Two very distinct Cabo scenes have come to mind in the past few days, probably because of my effort to actually go out for dinner and to the beach before I leave.  One of these spectacles is the number of wedding events that take place here and the other is the fascinating dichotomy of swimwear peppering the beaches. I’ll save the beach perspective for later this week. Today is all about Bridal Lingerie, and to be specific, NKiMode’s extensive range of styles for brides and their various wedding celebrations. Cabo is a destination wedding venue. I have witnessed the simplest ceremony on the beach and full out parties in resort hotels that could be the answer to any bride’s fantasies. I can do this because, in Mexico, the beaches are open everywhere to the public, even at hotels. But no matter how basic or extravagant, there seems to be one common denominator; a casual and colorful flavor orchestrated by clear light and endless water. It’s also very common to see a group of bridesmaids ensconced under an umbrella sipping margaritas while celebrating a friend’s upcoming nuptial. Of course, based on the young couples seaside, it’s clear this is a honeymoon paradise too.  The NKiMode brand has always been a source for both sexy and sweet bridal collections as well as their signature color rich sleepwear. But this season their legacy for quiet elegance is exquisite. I decided it was worth sharing here.

Georgina Ivory bridal slip from NKiMode on Lingerie Briefs

Bridal Briefs on Lingerie Briefs

Annabella Miss Behave chemise from NKiMode on Lingerie Briefs

Jennie Karges photography (cake) and Bridal Briefs on Lingerie Briefs

NKiMode Morgan and Corazon silk slips on Lingerie Briefs

Bridal Briefs on Lingerie Briefs

NKiMode Annabella Naughty Chemise on Lingerie Briefs

NKiMode Victoire Balconet chemise on Lingerie Briefs

Cuadra San Francisco Wedding carriage rides on Lingerie Briefs


  1. Terri Fisher Tuesday - 13 / 06 / 2017 Reply
    This lingerie is stunning!! More beautiful every season! Welcome back Ellen!


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