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By Marina Rybak


Caterina’s famous father, comic artist Guido Crepax gave the world a notorious cartoon character Valentina. With the looks of Louise Brooks, Valentina Rosselli was a photojournalist from Milan. This kinky and vulnerable femme fatale grooved to the beat of time on the pages of the mildly erotic comic strip from the mid-sixties to the mid-nineties. Her sensuality captured a wide audience and the character is still wildly popular with the devoted fan base.


Contemporary artist Caterina Crepax shares her father’s passion for art, design and the tactile bliss of working with paper. But while Guido’s creation invites her admirers to follow his subject into the carnal depths, Caterina’s wonders take us on the ethereal journey.

With a background in architecture, interior, set and product design, the artist released her paper fantasies in to the world in 1995.  She works with rice paper … Read more

by Marina Rybak

I seldom leave home without an intake of cinnamon, I am faithfully in love with mustard seeds and lately I cannot live without ginger. But I am casually forgetful about the fact that my pink peppercorns, cloves and nutmeg, stored in my kitchen cupboard hold a script to our human destiny. Who we are and where we are today has been determined in most part by our ancient, aromatic history – the history of the spice trade.

At some point of our evolution innocent and unbiased spice was valued more precious than gold, was used as a currency and was regarded as unattainable luxury. In its pursuit, it has caused the civilizations to rise and perish, the new continents to be revealed, the lands to be discovered, religions to spread and the fortunes to be made.


When Europeans uncovered the aphrodisiac qualities … Read more

by Marina Rybak


Pop surrealism of Southern California-based artist Josh Agle, a.k.a Shag seduced ardent collectors and attracted a hipster crowd, nearly a cult following worldwide.

Influenced by the commercial illustration, his retro art is inspired by the mid-century design, the advertisements, slick graphic packaging of the era and the insatiable consumerism of the 50’s and 60’s. The escapist Shag phenomenon dwells in the time warp.

Shag is a storyteller of sorts. His narrative is witty, campy and sexy, yet a touch sinister. His kitsch-colorful, squeaky-clean panels and canvases are a smoldering labyrinth that appears smooth on the surface, but holds deep pockets, full of secrets and mysteries.


So popular with devoted fans, he cannot keep his super cool  “merchandise” on the shelves.   Squeezed by the highbrow fine art elite into a lowbrow genre, Shag is impossible to ignore now and is so hard to … Read more

By Marina Rybak


Every time I find myself above 42nd street and west of Eighth Avenue, I remind myself to go out of my way to stop by Domus (“home” in Latin). This eclectic home-décor and gift shop is nestled at 413 W 44th street between 9th and 10th avenue, right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.


The experience of visiting this splash of local color always brightens my day and inspires my soul. Beloved in the neighborhood, it is a store with a global reach. Upon entering it you step into the “Wonderland” with a conscience.
The store owners Nicki Lindheimer and Luisa Cerutti opened their doors more than ten years ago to feature the artisans from all over the globe and showcase “a world of extraordinary hand-crafted products created in equitable and sustainable environments”.

Guided by the principle “that each of us … Read more

By Marina Rybak

Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light March 6–August 12, 2013 The Edward Steichen Photography Galleries, third floor

Bill Brandt (1904 – 1983) is a celebrated British photographer of the mid-20th century. A student of Man Ray, he is revered as a photographer’s photographer. A comprehensive retrospective of his work Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light is on view at MoMA through August 12.  To coincide with this major exhibition Edwynn Houk Gallery is presenting a selection of his vintage prints from the artist’s family archive starting April 4 till May 11.

Bill-Brandt-london-1951Brandt’s artistic legacy encompasses many genres and printing styles. His photojournalism, portraiture, landscapes reflect many facets of his varied, distinguished career.  His female nudes are heralded as the artist’s most inventive and pioneering achievement.

The iconic nudes were the artist’s favorites. With wide-angle antique Kodak camera in hand Brandt stepped into the uncharted, illusive world of sharp perspectives and distorted spaces. The camera saw more than a human eye … Read more

… of the Floating World: An Exhibit at the Scholten Gallery

by Marina Rybak


We are in the midst of Asia Week New York 2013. Nine-day festivities celebrate and showcase Asian art throughout the city. The Big Apple is overflowing with artistic and cultural events, presented by various museums, public and private institutions, auction houses and top-notch leading Asian art specialists.
Now through March 23rd, New York welcomes passionate Asian art enthusiasts from all over the world. It is the place to view, buy, sell and thoroughly enjoy  the ancient treasures and contemporary works of art from China, India, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Japan and Korea.

A local event, which was born five years ago, has transformed nine days in March into highly thrilling and creatively stimulating international gathering.

After hopping from place to place to place last weekend a charming, small exhibit caught … Read more

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