Natori Bali Print Pajamas on Lingerie Briefs

My mom has been gone over 30 years but I still think of her, almost daily. I am older than she was when she passed. I knew she was young at the time, just not this young. Her presence is vivid this week. Yesterday would have been her 97th birthday and Sunday is Mother’s Day. Images seeded deep in my memory murmur: home baked cookies often pilfered by my friends after school, driving her to the hospital before sunrise for her nursing shift so I could use the car, cocktail parties replete with bartender that I spied on from the top of the stairs, the scent of Joy perfume, the roses she was constantly cutting from my yard and reading, always reading, in a zip … Read more


Luna Mae London Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Oh, Luna Mae London, you have outdone yourself!  The latest campaign for their Bespoke collection is simply stellar; at least according to someone like myself who loves when lingerie and ballet combine.  The images are particularly enticing because what would normally be seen as a gorgeous, luxury lingerie collection is presented in a beautifully sophisticated way.  Editorial and fashion photographer Richard Bernardin captures Swedish model (and mother!) Caroline Winberg looking elegant, and quite frankly, flawless in every shot.  Only the best of the best paired together to present a collection of Bespoke (aka made-to-order) intimates.

Italian silks, Chantilly laces and everything in between come together to create something exceptional.

All of the styles featured here can be selected for a custom-made set that is handmade to … Read more


Curvy Kate Maya print swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

If there is one thing that I think many curvy women have in common, it’s a fear of actually getting their swimwear wet. Unlike bras, ill-fitting swimwear can go bad in so many ways once it actually hits the water. For many years, buying swimwear that was too big in the band to accommodate your cup size was the norm, which made actually swimming in it fairly impractical. Ever had your top slip back off over your head when you dive under a wave in the ocean? What about fabrics that go totally limp when wet (which is usually when your breasts fall out the top due to lack of support)?

Curvy Kate High Voltage plunge tankini on Lingerie Briefs

Curvy Kate was at the forefront of fashionable full-bust and plus-size bras, so it’s no surprise … Read more


A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Aubade Bra & Brief ~ Christine Silk Kimono photographed by Stephanie HynesAubade & Christine Silk

Finally, spring has arrived in North America, or so I have been told. Here in Mexico, there is really no such season. And, I must admit that I miss its debut. Something happens to the light in spring. It is, in fact, clearer, luminescent and weightless. As the earth blooms, I find a metaphor to feminine empowerment. These lingerie images, shot by Stephanie Hynes, are homage to the grace and energy embodied in a confident woman. Photographed to capture the beauty of a transformative moment, they are reminiscent of a poem I wrote some years ago describing a single flower growing in the cracks of an abandoned lot. We each see what … Read more


Charnos Baily Bridal Lingerie illustrated Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Spring has finally sprung, I think?  With its arrival comes not only warm days and cool nights but a royal wedding.  Not one to get swept up in celebrity/royalty weddings, I’m a bit more excited this time around, it’s not every day a royal marries an American.  And I love Harry, he’s my favorite.

Since Victorian times, it’s been customary to give the bride to be…a trousseau.  Jewelry, toiletries, makeup even bed linens and of course lingerie comprise the list of goodies.  I am not sure about the other items on the list but bridal lingerie is as strong as ever as a category.  And now the bridesmaids have a piece of the pie, I wish I had a dollar for every bridesmaid makeup wrap sold in … Read more

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