Essential Being ~ Skin Lingerie

May 12, 2017

Grenada, my horse, and me on Lingerie Briefs

For any of you who are not horse lovers, it is not easy to explain my passion. It is not about riding the horse. It is all about being with her. The best part of the sport is, in my opinion, about touch and what it does to my essential being.  It is a powerful, immensely private emotion that lifts me from daily tedium into another stratosphere. I am in a comfort zone and calm. For me this state of affairs is almost spiritual. Once there, even when I shift back into my daily routine, something has changed. I feel humbled and emboldened. How is it that an animal can be so strong, yet so gentle?

Skin Supernatural collection of camis and panties on Lingerie Briefs

To correlate this partnership between body and heart to lingerie is not an easy feat.  But once I saw Skin Lingerie’s Supernatural collection, launching shortly, I was inspired. The incredible simplicity of design belies the amazing effectiveness of the product. Constructed with a double layer of stretch & organic cotton sewn with clean edges, there is no elastic digging in anywhere. This new generation of Skin intimates is signature soft, incredibly liberating and amazingly effective. But, it is the easy energy of the Skin ethos that always raises the bar for me. No wonder they are one of the best-selling lingerie brands on Net-a-Porter

Skin Supernatural lingerie and Ellen on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”
– Ronald Reagan


Ode to the Tulip ~ Curvy Couture Lingerie

May 9, 2017

When my family was very young, we purchased a house in Long Beach, NY which my husband and I always referred to as a “Ozzie and Harriet house” For those of you who are not familiar with the 1952-66 TV sitcom or the era that it defined, this phrase was, to the two of us, a metaphor for a boring, predictable and relatively narrow minded perspective of the American culture. It was, most definitely not my style. However, the house was a steal.  It was constructed with the finest materials, but its state of the art infrastructure had been cosmetically crucified inside and out. Its great bones and the creative potential were a worthy challenge and a great investment in the future.

The very first thing we did was to plant 1500 assorted species of tulip bulbs up the center pathway and across the perimeter of the entire yard in order to upend the symmetry of this sturdy but banal structure with an explosion of color.  The framework of our house went from functional to functional and sexy.

Curvy Couture's Lace Push Up Tulip Bra on Lingerie Briefs

This image is a perfect metaphor for Curvy Couture’s Tulip Push-up Bra. On its own, since its first bloom in 2015, it has become the brand’s number one selling bra, proliferating in colors, season by season. This success story has seeded the development and launch of an entire Tulip collection, anchored by 4 separate styles. Covering a large wardrobe of needs each interpretation is a beautiful ode to femininity and balance. Constructed with Curvy Couture’s time honored engineering excellence for large breasted women, they fit sizes 34-44 and C-H cups. The lift, support and comfort are never compromised but merely camouflaged by the beauty of the design.

This morning it was the tulips and the bay
Clear inside a crisp May Day
Today, I feel clean, like spring
Lifted from the gray wash of yesterday
This balance between the air and water and flower
Is so fragile and holds such power
Within one hour the train will move me away
And the city tide will flow in and steal my day
~Ellen Lewis


Featured Designer ~ Botica Lingerie

May 8, 2017

Botica Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I am particularly excited about Alison’s Gallery post this week because this Madrid based brand, Botica Lingerie, goes right to the heart of Lingerie Briefs with its motto “nude is the color of the soul”. Rendered in beautifully mastered photographs, it harkens back to when, as a teenager returning from France, US customs tried to confiscate an art book of feminine photography that I was bringing home. Suffice it to say, I prevailed. These photos are beautiful. READ and SEE more HERE



She Buzz ~ Changewear™

May 5, 2017

Changewear convertible bra on Lingerie Briefs

This week, in our She Buzz column, Ali Cudby speaks about female empowerment by revealing her discussion with Michelle Judson, founder and creator of the new lingerie brand, Changewear™. On a personal note, my daughter, who wears a 34 or 36, A or B cup, was thrilled with the fit. READ and SEE more Here



Diamonds & Lace ~Lise Charmel

May 2, 2017

Diamonds & Lace : Lise Charmel on Lingerie Briefs

My mother had the most exquisite diamond engagement ring, a round stone embraced on one side by a semi-circle of tiny diamonds and on the other, rubies. Set in a platinum band, she bequeathed it to my sister, as it should have been.  My sister had beautiful hands. Me, not so much. I never really understood the necessity and didn’t want a diamond ring when I decided to marry. I’m a bit of a cynic on the symbolism. But ignoring its potential as an investment that actually has generational intent was ignorance on my part at the time. When analyzing value, there is always more than meets the eye. Perfection in a diamond requires a level of expertise through multiple stages of craftsmanship, each stage effectively at risk by the next step in the process.Today, there are many versions of diamonds in the market, but grasping the elements that set apart the highest quality of these gemstones, requires insight into the 4 C’s; carat, cut, color and clarity.

Lise Charmel Leavers Lace on Lingerie Briefs

Now why exactly am I bringing this up?  Because, in a discussion about what sets Lise Charmel lingerie apart, my colleague Sandra Jones, US Manager of the Lise Charmel Group, suggested that I compare the product to a perfectly cut diamond. It made sense. Lise Charmel uses only Leavers lace to create their intimates. The Leavers technique, a disappearing art centered in Northern France, uses overlying threads to underline the lace design. In this example from the Dentelle Design collection, there are 8 separate backgrounds interwoven into the tulle that form an intricate pattern, not easily duplicated by any other machine. The Leaver’s looms are considered the most complex textile machines in existence, mimicking the hand movements of lace makers of yesteryear as they worked the tulle into a delicate arrangement. The paucity of available machinery coupled with the complex skill set required to use them insures that garments claiming a Leavers lace heritage are a worthy treasure. They are a homage to the art of lingerie. I know one bride whose framed Lise Charmel wedding bra still hangs today on her bedroom wall.

“Quality is Never an Accident. It is Always the Result of Intelligent Effort” ~John Ruskin




Fashion Illustrations ~ Summer Undressing

May 1, 2017

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

Today, in our Gallery, Tina Wilson sketches her Lingerie wishlist for her summer week-ends in Fire Island. Her blog describes her underwear attitude during a day of cooking, imbibing, biking and just plain relaxing. READ and SEE more Here


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