Reinvention ~ Cosabella

When I was first introduced to the work of contemporary painter Dana Schutz, I was overwhelmed by the impact of bright fantastical color on her canvases.  I was stunned by the juxtaposition of seemingly discordant hues on a surface that seemed almost free of structure.  Immediately, I thought of the early 20th century Fauves and the shift they ignited in the art world as they liberated color from form.  But then, observing the psychological intrigue consumed in Schutz’s subject matter, I realized that she has, in fact, with the use of sunny colors and a satirical sense of humor, re-invented in her own brilliant style, the deconstruction of the Cubist movement and it’s reconstruction of reality to develop a completely new story.  She has managed to present the shape of modern culture with a cutting edge perspective that demands attention.

The Cosabella character is anchored in the uninhibited spirit embodied in the sunny hues of the Miami South Beach lifestyle curried with a dash of Italian brio.  It was the famous  Soire thong that created the initial brand mystique in the late 1980’s with its infusion of color in a bold new design.  This sexy little panty was revolutionary because of its transparent feather light mesh fabric that spurned a sassy stable of coordinate pieces sold to die-hard fans everywhere.  This spring Cosabella has re-launched a  new Soire incantation.  Constructed in a super soft, ultra-fine gauge microfiber mesh combined with premium stretch elastic that is 50% lighter than the original fabric, the New Lowrider “Italian” Thong has been reinvented so that one size fits most.  Paired here with the New Soft Bra, these sultry underpinnings are wisps of  color saturated air that float over a woman’s skin to form a bewitching and current vision.  Completely revitalized, Cosabella paints an entirely new Soire canvas, worthy of attention without compromising its original intention.


“I Believe That One Defines Oneself by Reinvention”. . . Henry Rollins



Available At:

Sylenes of Washington:  Chevy Chase, Maryland

Catherines: Iowa City, Iowa

Christina’s Lingerie:  Boulder, Colorado

Galatea Lingerie: Hoboken, New Jersey

Brooklyn fox Lingerie:  Brooklyn, New York

Brief Encounters: New York city, New York

Journelle:  New York City, New York

La Petite Coquette:  New York City, New York

Laina Jane:  New York City, New York

Panty Raid:  Los Angeles, California

Ron Herman: Los Angeles, California

Romantiques Lingerie: Los Gatos, California

Rabat: San Francisco, California

Planet Blue: Santa Monica, California

The Loop: Sonoma, California

I.C. London:  Laguna Beach, California

J.Girl: Westlake Village, California

Camoflage: Santa Cruz, California




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