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This is a very chaotic time for me, one of those crazy shifts in life’s equinox that can paralyze or energize, depending on perspective.  For sure it is a crucible of stress.  I am selling my home, full of 40 plus years of “stuff”, and downsizing big time.  There are only a few weeks left to liquidate and the process morphs daily.  I have decided to go greener, eliminate the excess and focus on the bare essentials.  I cannot believe the amount of things I have collected throughout the years. The memories they evoke are their true intrinsic value.  I have always lived a relaxed lifestyle, but now most “things” seem superfluous. I want simplicity in my life so I will keep just a few items that reflect the distinction and grace of my family’s heritage and sell the rest.   My house looks like a general store; we have scheduled a giant tag sale and the merchant in me is having the time of my life.

You might question my choice of the Huit Is Biotiful collection as a reflection of this journey, but I believe these heather grey knit bras and panties are a perfect parallel.  They are casual fundamentals with clean lines that are comfortable, yet still maintain a touch of elegance.  The Biotiful styles utilize a soft organic cotton yarn delicately detailed with a handcrafted ivory cotton guipure lace.  They are certified as eco-friendly conferring my quest for a more holistic culture.  Shown here is the full cup bra (B9) available from 32- 38, B – DD cup paired with the brief panty (J20).  No matter how many gorgeous intimate designs furnish your underwear wardrobe, nothing says back to basics with quite as much charm as these modern yet delicate underpinnings.  The Huit brand is Beautiful.

“Beauty of Style and Harmony and Grace and Good Rhythm Depend On Simplicity”. . . Plato



Available At:

Lingerie On Lex:  NYC, NY
Journelle:  NYC, NY
Sugar Cookies:  NYC, NY
Brooklyn Fox, Brooklyn, NY
Fripperies:  Mystic, CT
Zoe and Co:  Westerly, RI & Concord, MA
Allure:  Santa Fe:  NM
Underwear:  Austin, TX
Lille Boutique:  Portland, Oregon
Zovo Lingerie:  Seattle, WA
Les Cents Culottes:  San Francisco, CA
Intima European Lingerie:  Carmel, CA
Neiman Marcus
Nordstroms: selected stores
Knickers ‘N Lace:  Calgary, AB
Bratopia:  Calgary, AB
La Brise Du Sud:  Montreal, QC


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  1. Claire Cook says:

    Sounds lovely! Sometimes it’s nice for some ultimate comfort, to be honest they’re still really pretty!

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