A New Flower Blooms ~ Lilipiache

Usually, we highlight an Indie  brand in our Design Lab, but after I discovered  Lilipiache, I decided to make it a feature. This new collection is the loving creation of three Japanese Fashion School friends who have a reverence for French leaver’s lace, which is the cornerstone of their design aesthetic.  Integrated with luxury fabrics, these styles are conceived to emulate the delicate underpinnings of an exquisite  flower. They are modern intimates; sexy and eclectic utilizing lingerie details in an innovative way.  What’s more I can confirm that they fit beautifully as I had them tried on.  Although the panties and bras are uniquely conceived;  what really impressed me was the way Yoshiko Hayase, one of the founders, sought my opinion, and followed up with samples.  It was a combination of her perseverance as well as the beautiful product that convinced me that this budding company has legs!  Available now in several shops in NY and FL. You can see the Collection at Curve NY.
Inquiries:  yoshiko@lilipiache.com

“I Must Have Flowers, Always And Always” ~ Claude Monet


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